REC changes leadership structure with ‘new generation of leadership’

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) has this week announced changes to its leadership structure, creating what CEO Neil Carberry is calling a “new generation of REC leadership”.

8 December 2020

Employer confidence plummets amid Brexit uncertainty

Employer confidence in the UK economy has dropped to its joint-lowest level since mid-2016, according to the latest JobsOutlook report from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC). 

Social care, Healthcare/Medical 30 October 2019

REC re-elects Moore as chair and excludes 71 corporate members

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation announced the results of its Council elections at its annual general meeting yesterday on a day in which it also excluded 71 corporate members following its most recent round of compliance tests.

21 June 2019

Join us at the Recruitment Agency Expo 2019 in London

The REC is once again delighted to be supporting the 2019 Recruitment Agency Expo, the largest and longest running event in the UK for recruitment industry leaders.

12 February 2019

Talent a hot commodity in 2019

There is no doubt that employers are going to find it tougher to fill roles in the year ahead. We have record UK employment and the lowest unemployment since 1975.

12 February 2019

Celebrating our industry’s strong performance in 2017/18

Ongoing uncertainty surrounding Brexit may be top of the agenda but this shouldn’t overshadow the good news our industry has to share. The year 2017/18 had been an extraordinary year for recruitment and recruiters. And we should all celebrate that success.

12 February 2019

Permanent placement numbers drop for first time since mid-2016

Permanent placement numbers have dropped for the first time since just after the UK’s Brexit vote, according to findings from the latest KPMG and Recruitment & Employment Confederation UK Report on Jobs.

Retail, Engineering 8 February 2019

Brexit is opportunity to ‘embed’ with clients, says REC

Brexit can be an opportunity for recruiters to “really embed” themselves as “trusted workforce advisers with their clients”, says the CEO of the REC.

HR 11 January 2019

Recruitment industry turnover up by 11%, finds REC

The UK recruitment industry shrugged off the country’s volatile political and economic climate with industry turnover rising by 11% to hit £35.7bn, according to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation's (REC) Recruitment Industry Trends report for 2017/18.

12 December 2018
Apprenticeships: Shutterstock

Big talking point: Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are the future of the recruitment industry. Recruitment Matters talked with four budding recruitment apprentices embarking on their career to find their hopes and aspirations for the future.

28 March 2017
Turnover: Shutterstock

Turnover and NDR in negative territory, across 2016, for the median recruiter

The latest information from the RIB Index, sponsored by Bluestones Group, shows that year-on-year the median industry recruiter saw total turnover decline by an average of 4.5% across 2016.

28 March 2017
Net migration: Shutterstock

ONS figures show decrease in net migration

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) last month recorded net migration of 273,000 for the year up to September 2016 – a 49,000 drop on the equivalent figure from a year before.

28 March 2017
Tom Hadley

Building a jobs market that works for everyone

Recruiters are key to the government's inclusion agenda, says Tom Hadley

27 March 2017
Diversity: Shutterstock

REC sector group takes diversity lead

Members of the REC’s Association of Executive Recruiters (AER) will lead an industry push to improve ethnic diversity within UK boardrooms.

26 March 2017
Kevin Green

How to grow your recruitment business: The REC's Scale Up campaign

It's time to up your game, says Kevin Green, REC chief executive

26 March 2017
Gears: Shutterstock

Q&A: Bradley Carton

Behind the scenes at the Institute of Recruitment Professionals with Bradley Carton.

4 March 2017
Declining employee headcount: Shutterstock

Employee headcount declining year-on-year

The latest information from the RIB Index, sponsored by Bluestones Group, shows that year-on-year the median industry recruiter has not added to its headcount numbers since June 2016 and actually started reducing numbers from September onwards.

4 March 2017
Learn: Shutterstock

What I know: Susannah Lawson

Behind the scenes at the Institute of Recruitment Professionals with Susannah Lawson.

3 March 2017
Labour shortages: Shutterstock

Labour shortages ahead?

In February 2017, the REC’s Report on Jobs recruiters reported a sharp increase in the demand for staff, when asked about demand for staff compared to previous month.

3 March 2017
Tom Hadley

The shape of things to come...

Recruiter's can make the most of post-Brexit Britain, says Tom Hadley, REC director of policy and professional services.

2 March 2017
Speaking English: Shutterstock

English language fluency required for public sector workers

Part 7 of the Immigration Act 2006 was amended back in November, so public authority employers have a duty to ensure that their workers in ‘customer facing roles’ can speak English, or Welsh in Wales, fluently.

2 March 2017
200: Shutterstock

GRC hits 200

A record number of organisations employing more than 2 million staff in the UK have signed up to the REC’s Good Recruitment Campaign (GRC).

1 March 2017
Kevin Green

Technology takeover

Recruiters must be ready for technology's takeover, says Kevin Green REC chief executive.

1 March 2017
Winning: Shutterstock

Member of the month: Amoria Bond

Manchester-based Amoria Bond Ltd have a habit of winning awards. Their latest includes Best Company to Work For (up to 150 employees) at last year’s IRP Awards. Recruitment Matters editor Michael Oliver talks with one of the company’s founders and managing director Gareth Lloyd about building a winning culture.

1 March 2017
Tom Hadley

Brexit 2017: Tom Hadley

Safeguarding free trade will be vital, says Tom Hadley, REC director of policy and professional services.

4 February 2017

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