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Hungry Horse seeks pub-licist to check out the local boozer

If you like nothing better than having a few drinks down the pub, then we have the perfect job for you.

Retail, Hospitality/Leisure 17 October 2018

Stray cat search to find feline friend in Russia is over

A Russian town’s job search for a ‘cat chief’ is over.

Hospitality/Leisure 15 October 2018
Helen Wright

Social recruiting November 2018

From pounding up and down piers to bringing early Christmas cheers, you’ve been busy as usual outside of recruitment…

12 October 2018

Got what it takes to shoot to the stars? Tim Peake tests you out

Recruiters are used to putting candidates through hoops, but how many of you would be prepared to put yourself through the tests endured by Britain’s first astronaut Commander Tim Peake?

5 October 2018

Make a clean sweep of it in your birthday suit

Too many cleaners on your books and not enough work? The Naked Cleaning Company has launched a recruitment drive.

Hospitality/Leisure 2 October 2018

Burgess battles through the Six Chair Challenge on The X Factor

Recruitment’s representative on this year’s X Factor has battled her way through to the next stage of the competition.

1 October 2018

Georgia flies the recruitment flag of fame on The X Factor

While there are no recruiters to cheer on in The Apprentice this year – fear not, as the recruitment sector still has one sole hope to cheer on this autumn on TV.

Hospitality/Leisure 28 September 2018

Legoland Discovery Centre finds its master builder

The search for Lego’s master model builder is over.

Retail, Hospitality/Leisure 24 September 2018

Social recruiting October 2018

From putting on fundraising events to having a hi-vis approach to charities, you’ve been busy as usual since the last Recruiter

19 September 2018

Bombay Sapphire finds a new recruit for its role of global ambassador

We have to break it to you that gin brand Bombay Sapphire’s search for a global ambassador is over.

Retail, Hospitality/Leisure 18 September 2018

The X Factor uncovers yet another recruitment talent

Stand aside Honey G and Olly Murs – there is a new recruiter blowing away the judges on TV singing competition The X Factor.

Hospitality/Leisure 17 September 2018

Christmas is coming, time to recruit Santa again!

The big day may still be more than three months away but a public park in Liverpool is recruiting a Santa for its grotto for Christmas 2018.

Hospitality/Leisure 13 September 2018

Student seeks staff to help her through university

The daughter of an Indian billionaire is recruiting for 12 staff to help her through university.

Enamoured with avocados? US university study will pay you to eat them

Are you an avocado aficionado? If so, you can actually get paid to eat them.

3 September 2018

If you like a bargain, get paid to collect coupons

We all know recruiters like a bargain, but could you put your skills to use in a new career as a pro coupon collector?

Retail 30 August 2018

Job Today shows candidates what not to do at interview

How often have you come across candidates lying, turning up ill, or wearing ill-fitting clothes at interview?

24 August 2018

Porter job offers chance to live in Buckingham Palace

Do you fancy swapping the world of recruitment for a job that offers you the chance to move in with the Queen?

23 August 2018

Cuddle up and give us a hug to relieve work-related stress

Recruiters are dubious over the benefits of cuddling as a means of reducing stress and boosting team morale.

22 August 2018

When dad turns recruitment consultant, what could possibly go wrong?

A father has generously turned recruitment consultant to write a CV for his “typical 16-year-old” daughter.

22 August 2018

Sorted - an udderly grate job for all you cheese lovers out there

Do you like cheese? Well, we’ve found a really gouda job for you…

Retail 21 August 2018

Job gag wins funniest joke of the Edinburgh Fringe

Who says working in recruitment isn’t a laugh-a-minute?

20 August 2018

Get paid to travel and drink gin? It’s a real job – honestly!

Just a few more hours until gin o’clock but would you like to swap the world of recruitment for travelling the world and drinking gin?

All at sea? Jump on board the Good Ship Disney to fulfil your dreams!

Fancy swapping the world of recruitment for a life on the ocean waves or is ye nothing but a no good landlubber?

Recruiter helps rescue Lucky kitten from catastrophic situation

A recruiter in Australia may have saved the life of a furry interloper after discovering it trapped inside a wall cavity for more than 24 hours.

14 August 2018
Girls Selfie

Social recruiting September 2018

From sponsoring fast cars and charity bikes, to hearing from gold medallists and picking up awards, you’ve been showing the best side of recruitment…

14 August 2018

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