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Social recruiting November 2019

Whether you’ve been in a car, on foot, on a bike or swinging a golf club, you’ve been getting up to some fantastic fundraising since the last Recruiter

17 October 2019

Recruitment’s Scarlett beats off a boardroom bashing on The Apprentice

Week three on BBC TV reality show The Apprentice and Scarlett Allen-Horton (pictured centre) is still flying the flag for the recruitment industry.

17 October 2019

Cat café seeks ‘human servant’ to look after its feline residents

Does being surrounded by cats make you feline great? Then we have the purrfect role for you.

Retail, Hospitality/Leisure 11 October 2019

Recruiters play down old drinking culture

A boozy night out is increasingly becoming an optional rather than mandatory means of celebrating success in the recruitment sector.

9 October 2019

Hay, fancy looking after Her Majesty’s horses? Here’s the perfect job

Do you love the Royal Family and horses? Then we have the perfect role that you won’t want to say neigh to.

Hospitality/Leisure 7 October 2019

Travel the world taking photos and get paid for it? Form an orderly queue…

Travel agency The Yacht Week is recruiting for two people to travel the world next year, capturing all their experiences through stunning photo and video content.

No wining for Scarlett as she shows everyone her winning ways

It seems as though the former SThree colleagues of recruitment’s representative in The Apprentice were on to something in backing her to win the BBC reality TV show.

3 October 2019

Recruitment representative starts her Apprentice journey tonight

It’s nearly ‘Apprentice Time’ – the moment for recruitment’s latest representative on the BBC reality programme to show her “strong-willed” and “methodical” credentials.

Creative/Digital/Media 2 October 2019

Domino’s looks to recruit chief garlic bread taster – down under

Domino’s in Australia is seeking a garlic bread taster at its Brisbane headquarters.

Retail, Hospitality/Leisure 2 October 2019

Kitten lands purrfect job at Brazilian lawyers

The Brazilian Bar Association has a rather unusual new recruit.

30 September 2019

Busy bee recruiter Benefer gets real with a honey of a rap

Recruiter, Come Dine With Me winner and hero to hedgehogs across the land, busy Peter Benefer is back!

27 September 2019

Recruitment drive for ‘promo pooches’ at exhibitions

Is your dog seeking new job opportunities over and above guarding the house, chasing the postman and chewing on your slippers?

Marketing & Sales, Retail 25 September 2019

Recruitment consultant James Doran looks to square The Circle

Recruitment has yet another reality TV star to get behind – this time on Channel 4’s surprise hit show The Circle.

Creative/Digital/Media 24 September 2019

Maryland Cookies winner enjoys sweet taste of success

Maryland Cookies has revealed the identity of its new cookie taster following a successful recruitment drive.

Retail, Industrial/Manufacturing 24 September 2019

Waiting staff required au naturel for naturist wedding

A Berkshire couple is looking to hire waiting staff for their wedding and is willing to pay £30 an hour – however, there is a catch.

Hospitality/Leisure 20 September 2019

Social recruiting October 2019

Summer may be over, but that hasn’t stopped you from getting on your bikes or pulling on your pumps for a good cause...

19 September 2019

Clowning around can cushion the pain of redundancy – seriously

Despite clowning as a career plummeting in recent years, those left will be thrilled to know they could earn a bit extra: accompanying workers to redundancy meetings.

HR 17 September 2019

Get paid to drink coffee and write about it

Are you a coffee addict? Then we have the sort of role that you don’t want to be latte in applying for.

Retail, Hospitality/Leisure 16 September 2019

Alton Towers seeks extra staff for Halloween shows

Alton Towers is recruiting hundreds of specialist actors, make-up artists, technicians, set designers and costume creators to help create the Alton Towers' annual Scarefest horror show.

Hospitality/Leisure 9 September 2019

Garden centre seeks staff to add magic to customer experience

Is your first reaction to any depiction of Father Christmas: “Santa! I know him, I know him!”? Then we have the perfect role for you.

Retail 6 September 2019

Recruiter looks for love on Channel 4’s First Dates Hotel

A Leicester-based recruitment consultant is the latest to take to reality TV in search of love through his appearance on Channel 4’s First Dates Hotel.

Life sciences 6 September 2019

Most annoying colleagues tend to be called ‘Sue’ or ‘John’

Are you annoyed by a ‘Sue’ or a ‘John’ at your agency? You’re not on your own, if research from Instaprint is anything to go by.

2 September 2019

Is this the sweetest job of all time? We’re not taking the biscuit

Is pudding your favourite part of a meal? Then we have the perfect role for you.

Retail, Hospitality/Leisure 30 August 2019

What are the most popular names in recruitment?

Chris, James, Laura and Lucy are among the most popular names in the recruitment sector.

29 August 2019

Coffee brand offers refreshing opportunity

Do you love coffee and travelling? Well, we have the perfect role for you.

Hospitality/Leisure 27 August 2019

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