August 2017


The REC-led Future of Jobs Commission is taking shape, says Tom Hadley, REC director of policy and professional services


27 August 2017

The View: Leading the Industry

An evidenced-based immigration system is vital for jobs growth, says Kevin Green, REC chief executive


27 August 2017

The View: Leading the Industry

The cost of a bad hire has never been more real, says Kevin Green, REC chief executive


27 July 2017

Matt Churchward: Tips for recruitment Armageddon

Ae we really looking at the demise of recruitment?

HR 19 July 2017

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My Brilliant Recruitment Career: Lee Walker

We look into the background of people working in recruitment to see what their aspirations were when they were younger – and what makes them tick today...

Executive search, HR 19 July 2017

Ask the expert: August 2017

Office costs are 22% of my gross margin. Would a virtual model dramatically increase my profitability?

19 July 2017

It's a marriage not a one-night stand

In today's digital world, your recruitment website has to work hard.

Rec-to-rec, HR 19 July 2017

Community careers: The Workplace August 2017

Allow your employees the chance for a life-changing experience

HR 19 July 2017

Social recruiting August 2017

From skydiving to karting, It’s a Knockout-ing to gunging, recruiters have certainly been busy over the summer…

19 July 2017

PageGroup partners with Mencap

Astoundingly just 6% of people with a learning disability in the UK are in paid employment.

19 July 2017
Regus workspace image

Flexible workspace freedom

Recruiters are big users of shared workspaces, enjoying the flexibility they offer. Colin Cottell and Greg Pitcher investigate

19 July 2017

Luck of the Irish?

One result of the UK’s decision to leave the EU has been the home guard of recruiters looking to set up stall in the Irish Republic. Colin Cottell reports

18 July 2017

Soundbites August 2017

"The House of Commons has recently introduced a less formal dress code. Have strict dress codes had their day?"

18 July 2017

Taylor Review recognises positive role of agency work

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation's Tom Hadley on the how the recruitment industry fares in the recently published Taylor Review. 

HR 18 July 2017

New data protection laws

Six ways to help you prepare for the GDPR

HR 18 July 2017
CREDIT : istock

Airline pilots: the model for intelligent recruiting?

Artificial Intelligence can help fight the wars for future stars – you need only look at the role of a pilot

Rec-to-rec, HR 18 July 2017

Thoughts from... August 2017

Thoughts from... August 2017

18 July 2017
Michael Huttl

Start-up of the Month

Start-up of the Month: Secretary Affairs

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EASI remit could escalate

The Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate's remit could expand.

18 July 2017
Paul Annis

Annis is proud of his Purple Halo

Former SALT Asia-Pacific Paul Annis leads new digital recruitment agency Purple Halo

CREDIT : istock

Recruitment barometer set fair

The UK recruitment industry is taking all the uncertainy in its stride, according to the latest Sector Barometer.

17 July 2017
Rebecca Long

Agencies need not fear a Labour government

Recruiters can breathe easily under a future Labour government, says the shadow business secretary.

17 July 2017
DeeDee Doke, editor

Editor's Leader August 2017

I recently had the opportunity to take part in an exclusive press roundtable with Matthew Taylor.

17 July 2017
Legal scales

Legal update: Diversity, Inclusion and Criminal Records

Every day recruitment businesses come into contact with work-seekers from a variety of different backgrounds, some of which may have criminal records.

1 April 2017