July 2019

Your summer training needs

The courses that will help you to perform at your best, and deliver for your team before the summer is out

20 June 2019

IRP July 2019: Reputation in recruitment

Kieran McCormick, director of operations at Balmoral Healthcare, on the importance of reputation

Healthcare/Medical 20 June 2019

IRP July 2019: Third-sector recruitment

Tracey George, chief operating officer at TPP Recruitment, on working in the third sector

Legal update: Rolled-up holiday pay

The REC explains about the legal rules surrounding holiday pay.

Legal, HR 20 June 2019

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Big talking point: Why the apprenticeship levy needs to change

The latest statistics from the REC reveal the scale of the problems recruiters face when spending what they have paid in

20 June 2019

Average tenure of agency staff increase

The latest information from Recruitment Industry Benchmarking’s RIB Index shows that the average tenure of staff working for the median industry recruiter continues to increase. In Q1 2019, it was recorded as 51.8 months – or around 4.3 years.

20 June 2019

The Intelligence: The future of jobs, skills and training

Recently we have seen two interesting reports come out of the OECD.

20 June 2019

Hadley's comment: Fuelling the UK’s business engine

Brilliant recruitment is at the heart of economic growth, says Tom Hadley, REC director of policy and professional services.

20 June 2019

The View: recruiters just want to get on with it

There’s all the more reason to be the best, says Neil Carberry, REC chief executive

20 June 2019

Respond to government calls for better jobs

REC members can help workers to move forward in their jobs.

20 June 2019

Editor's Leader JULY 2019

What do you know about neurodivergent recruiting?

20 June 2019

Missing recruiter Whewell’s hidden talents

Recruiter spoke to the friend of missing climber and recruiter Rupert Whewell.

Executive search 20 June 2019

Data can help talent acquisition across borders

Using data to understand differences in candidate expectations can be the key to more effective talent acquisition, attendees at Cielo’s Talent Acquisition Summit heard.

Self-confidence and excellence breeds success

If you want to hire people who go on to be really successful, look for individuals who are self-confident and really good at what they do.

Driving up performance with tea breaks

Time for tea – and better performance

HR 20 June 2019

Thoughts from... July 2019

William D'Arcy, Amy Golding, Ricky Martin

20 June 2019

Insight: Winning business and influencing people

Influencer marketing as a strategy can be a goldmine for recruitment businesses. Are you on board or are you missing out?

Marketing 20 June 2019

Video screens candidates

Monster Studios shows the true video experience.

20 June 2019

Viewpoint: Move faster or lag behind

UK's education system must change in line with Industry 4.0.

Public sector, Education 20 June 2019

Soundbites July 2019

A recruitment agency has introduced a four-day week. Would you ever follow suit?

20 June 2019

Letters/Web chat: July 2019

Readers’ responses to stories on recruiter.co.uk.

20 June 2019

Neurodivergent recruiting: The untapped talent source

Unless employers move away from hiring ‘people like us’, the strengths of neurodivergent individuals will go unused and firms will miss out on specialist talent. Colin Cottell investigates

19 June 2019

Private equity interest wanes in recruitment

Private equity investment in recruitment companies is in decline, but the market for trade deals remains healthy. Colin Cottell finds out why

Accounting/Finance 19 June 2019

Upstart: Morson's MorFit leads to more fitness

Morson's MorFit leads to more fitness

Social recruiting July 2019

Whether you're helping educate the young or making waves for conservation or charity, you’ve certainly been busy since the last Recruiter

19 June 2019