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11 April 2024

Four payroll providers join HMRC ‘list of shame’

Newcomers to the ‘list of shame’ are Acacia Management Services, Alphasaint, Ultra Employment and Worx 4U.

HMRC updates the list regularly.

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11 April 2024

Recruiters, it’s time to celebrate your special day

With so many dates in our calendar marked for awareness days, International Recruiters Day (IRD) was established to recognise the skills, dedication and achievements of recruiters and talent acquisition professionals worldwide.

Launched in 2011, IRD “offers an opportunity for recruitment professionals to celebrate their achievements, share best practices, attend networking events or conferences, and highlight the significance of their work in the job market”, according to IRD founders Stephen O’Donnell and the NORA Academy. 

But today is not just the day for serious contemplation. Some organisations might have a team lunch, or beer and pizzas in the office, or some might encourage staff to come in dressed as their favourite recruiter from history – do share pictures! 

If you want to join in and share your special day on social media, the hashtag is #IRD24 and the X (Twitter) handle is @RecruitersDay.

Whatever you’re doing, happy International Recruiters Day!

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11 April 2024

Caremark launches eBike partnership with Eskuta to attract staff

Through a new partnership with electric mobility company Eskuta, domiciliary care provider Caremark is extending low-cost payment schemes to franchise owners to purchase eBikes for their care staff to use when carrying out home visits. 

“This new personal transport provision will also be included on job ads as a further incentive for potential candidates applying for future positions,” Caremark said in a statement.

“When nearly a third of the adult population do not have access to a personal car and 18.5% of unemployed people in England turn down a job or decide not to apply because of transport-related problems; this eBike initiative provides the chance to employ from a much wider candidate pool,” the Caremark statement said. No licence is required to operate an eBike.

The care provider also cited the eBike as a greener, more sustainable option to a car, a provision which is helpful in securing contracts with local authorities.

Franchisees will be able to buy the vehicles outright, pay monthly or extend the subscription to staff, which Caremark said will deliver options for recruitment incentives.

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4 April 2024


• Global hiring platform Indeed is introducing new AI-powered products and features to make the hiring process faster, simpler and more efficient for both employers and jobseekers. Its Smart Sourcing AI-powered product enables employers to source an active talent pool of nearly 300 million workers globally, based on profiles and CVs shared on the platform. The AI-powered matching engine instantly recommends the best candidates for a job based on an individual’s skills, experiences and qualifications. Employers can then quickly review matched candidates, directly connect with them, and hire faster.

UBIO, a web automation platform that connects websites to enhance the user experience and improve the speed of online interactions, has launched its new platform for job boards. The platform has been designed to reduce “friction” for job applicants, provide a competitive advantage to job boards, while also offering hiring organisations with greater potential to reach quality candidates.

Vercida Consulting, the DE&I inclusion expert, has rebranded as FAIRER Consulting, which will be led by Dan Robertson to support its growth as a global inclusion company. Hays, the specialist in workforce solutions and recruitment, who purchased a majority stake in FAIRER in 2023 will be supporting the growth of the consultancy as it expands out of the UK and Europe into markets such as the US, Australia and New Zealand, and Germany.

The repositioning of FAIRER (Fairness, accessibility, inclusion, respect, equity and representation) will provide clarity as they support global businesses to diversify their talent pools and to create inclusive work cultures in three key areas: education, leadership and consulting.

26 March 2024


• Digital identity security specialist ID Crypt Global has launched its early access Authentic Media Protection program (AMP). With AMP, the creator of an original image is able to link a verifiable digital identity to any file they produce, incorporating branding and website URLs in the process. The free-to-use web browser extension provides a visual overlay for ease of authentication and can work across any information sharing platform such as X, Facebook or Instagram.

• Global matching and hiring platform Indeed has launched Specialist Media Networks to help employers hire for competitive and hard-to-fill roles. The industry-specific Specialist Media Networks enable employers to reach more candidates with specific, in-demand skills. Tech Network, the first of Indeed’s Specialist Media Networks, focuses on the tech sector – an industry where many roles are hard to fill. Specialist Media Networks are designed to better support employers hiring for specialist roles such as those in tech.

Quesam has launched an app designed to enhance employee engagement through daily simple questions, replacing traditional lengthy surveys. Quesam provides insights into employee wellbeing and company health by focusing on a single question each day. It captures feedback that reflects the real status of the organisation’s culture.

Talmix, a global marketplace for business talent, and N2S.Global, a workforce solutions company, has announced a partnership to provide clients globally with on-demand talent solutions and compliance capabilities. This partnership provides N2S.Global clients with access to business talent through the Talmix marketplace and enables streamlined employer of record (EOR), independent contractor compliance and global mobility services for the Talmix client base.

21 March 2024

CandidatePages to cut social media application process to 60 seconds

According to the company press release, the simple and intuitive application process can be completed in just 60 seconds, making applying for a job quick and easy, rather than being redirected to a lengthy, impersonal form.

CandidatePages, which works with job adverts placed on all social media including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube, draws its inspiration from eCommerce rather than traditional recruitment tech.

It features an AI assistant who ‘chats’ with applicants to learn more about their experience, relays answers to hiring managers and even helps candidates complete their application.

This includes identifying any anomalies in a CV, such as career gaps or changes, to give a fuller picture to recruiters and help them identify candidates whose skills best match the role’s requirements.

CandidatePages autosaves throughout the process, and in the event the candidate doesn’t finish the form, the AI assistant will later encourage them to do so by engaging directly with them via SMS and email.

According to the company, the first recruitment campaign to use it saw a 9.7% application rate, with one in 10 of those seeing a job advert applying immediately (more than double the typical conversion rate for application form completion).

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19 March 2024

Durhamlane’s workforce benefits from international working

The new policy allows its employees to travel outside the UK for up to two months per year.

Created after the ‘revenue accelerator’ firm identified a significant percentage of its younger employees had a desire to travel alongside working, especially those with families overseas.

The firm is headquartered in Newcastle, but its 97-strong workforce is spread across the UK. A quarter of its clients are located in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. As a result, 21% of the durhamlane team is multilingual, covering 12 different languages, a company statement said.

Under the slogan ‘The World Is Your Workplace’, the International Working Benefit “complements the lifestyles of employees, allowing them to visit family abroad and celebrate religious holidays, and also having an in-office presence with durhamlane’s clients internationally”, the company said.

Sinead Hall, chief people officer at durhamlane, who developed the policy, said: “When we considered the diversity of our workforce (which is made up of at least 18% ethnic groups), and the fact that we sponsor migrant workers via the skilled worker route, we started to think about where some of our employees call home. This led us to looking at the ability to work internationally.

“Together with the fact that a lot of our clients have head offices all over the globe, this brought us to the conclusion that it was important to give our employees more freedom to choose their location of work, whether remotely in the UK or abroad.

“We believe the International Working Benefit does this, meeting our objectives of attracting and growing our people, not only through nurturing and empowering existing employees, but also making the company an attractive prospect to join.”

The benefit was trialled and subsequently rolled out after it was met with unanimous approval from an internal focus group led by Sam Vardon, durhamlane’s junior people adviser. Feedback centred around mental health benefits, as well as an improvement to social life and happiness outside of work, proving the success of the policy.

Since then, four employees have used the International Working Benefit to travel around the world, from Spain, to France, to Pakistan and beyond.

Commenting on what the policy means on a personal level, head of operations Josh Guthrie said: “This benefit allows me great flexibility in being able to visit my parents, who emigrated to Spain at the end of 2023. I can work completely seamlessly when abroad and keep in regular contact with my line manager and my team.

“My parents used to live locally, so their move took a bit of getting used to, but the International Working Benefit allows me to spend time with them more than I expected possible.

Sales development representative Waqas Rajput added: “I visit my family during the month of Ramadan, and as a practicing Muslim, it is invaluable for me that I can break my fast with my family and celebrate Eid. This policy allows me to make the most of my travel.

“Whilst using the benefit, I was able to work as normal and exceeded my standards of working.”

Over the next year, durhamlane said it hopes more employees will take advantage of the new policy. 

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18 March 2024


The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) has introduced an online Learning Hub designed to assist recruitment firms in managing staff training while empowering employees to take charge of their own development. The new platform provides a “smoother” experience for delegates, offering access to all training documents, activities and latest course information in one place, allowing individuals greater autonomy over their career development. The Learning Hub also enables managers to monitor and review current training programmes to ensure team members are on track with development targets.

Babcock International Group (Babcock), a defence company, has created more than 1,000 new jobs at its advanced manufacturing and shipbuilding facility in Rosyth to support the delivery of programmes and development of its workforce capabilities. The new job opportunities include 400 apprenticeships, 350 production support operatives, skilled engineers, tradespeople and graduates. The roles will support programmes like the Type 31 frigate design and build programme.

• Professional services firm Cognizant has partnered with digital skills training provider QA to develop an MSc level apprenticeship programme aimed at increasing the number of women in leadership positions within tech companies. The new programme has been designed to develop wide-ranging technical excellence as well as executive leadership skills through a work-based learning program organised by QA.

Jobmatch Sweden has entered into a new partnership agreement with Broadwing Recruitment, a staffing organisation based in Malta. This collaboration allows the utilisation of Jobmatch’s DNV-certified work psychological tests in Malta and Luxembourg. As a result, Jobmatch has extended its presence to a total of eight countries.