The Last Word: John Lynes

Are your candidates outstaying their welcome or job hopping?

9 July 2024

Soundbites: July/August 2024

What policy outcomes will you be hoping for from the General Election on 4 July?

9 July 2024

Viewpoint: Prepare for Worker Protection Act

Employers and business leaders need to be more proactive ahead of new legislation designed to protect employees from sexual harassment. From October, employers will need to comply with a legal duty to take ‘reasonable steps’ aiming to prevent sexual harassment of employees. This follows the passing of the Worker Protection (Amendment of Equality Act 2010) Act 2023.

9 July 2024

The Last Word: Alan Furley

Inclusion: as agents of change we must create braver spaces.

IT/Telecoms 8 May 2024

Soundbites: May/June 2024

What benefits do you offer to attract new talent and retain the talent you have?

8 May 2024

Viewpoint: Neurodiversity in recruitment

It’s the time to make a change.

8 May 2024
Raise and fall of business indicators. Career lift concep.Image credit- iStock - 475840386

Viewpoint: Why can’t recruiters recruit for themselves?

Retention issues don’t need to be a painful concept.

HR 4 March 2024

The Last Word March/April 2024: Dr Cath Sleeman

Greening the job market.


Soundbites: March/April 2024

What is the bravest step forward your business has made so far in 2024?

4 March 2024

DeeDee Doke

Editor's leader March/April 2024

In turbulent times, we need a strong core to keep our business agile.

4 March 2024
Alan Furley

The Last Word January/February 2024: Alan Furley

Is recruitment’s pricing structure broken?

16 January 2024

Soundbites: January/February 2024

What is your first order of business in 2024?

16 January 2024
Running around papers - Credit: Shutterstock - 2139889009

Viewpoint: Give it a try?

On the surface, I can appreciate why employee trial days might seem like a good idea.

16 January 2024

The Last Word November/December 2023: Paul Chamberlain

I started doing these LinkedIn Learnings posts as I was becoming intrigued by the week by the breadth and depth of LinkedIn posts on what I thought was a professional/business platform. It was meant as a bit of fun but it seems to have gained some traction.

10 November 2023

Soundbites: November/December 2023

What role or roles do you see AI playing in your business next year and beyond?

IT/Telecoms, HR 10 November 2023

Viewpoint: Signing up to signing on

The importance of speedy hiring procedures

HR 10 November 2023

Sponsored: What every recruitment leader should know about protecting their agency

Most recruiters would rather be out winning clients, placing talent and growing their business than focusing on compliance. But to do this with confidence, every recruitment agency needs a firm understanding of the risks facing their business and how they can manage them.

6 October 2023

Soundbites: September/October 2023

What results would you like to see from the government consultation ended 29 August 2023 on umbrella companies?

12 September 2023

Viewpoint: Toxicity in recruitment

The culture of bullying, especially in big agencies, needs to stop.

HR 12 September 2023

The Last Word September/October 2023: Alan Furley

The AI talent conundrum

Executive search, IT/Telecoms 7 September 2023

The Last Word July/August 2023: Gavin Sharpe

Recruitment leadership – how to survive today’s turmoil

6 July 2023

Soundbites: July/August 2023

“In your sector(s), what skills do too many candidates lack?”

6 July 2023

Viewpoint: A career for all ages?

The over 50s could solve the UK’s talent shortage

6 July 2023

Tech & Tools: July/August 2023

IN FOCUS: Smart ways of onboarding.

IT/Telecoms, HR 6 July 2023

The Workplace: July/August 2023

The executive assistant's time has come with the transformation of the secretary.