The last word: Alan Furley

Inclusion: as agents of change we must create braver spaces.

IT/Telecoms 8 May 2024

My brilliant recruitment career: Andrew Welsh

Andrew Welsh is CEO and founder of Meraki Talent

AI's revolutionary impact in recruitment

What does hiring look like when we take the human out of the loop? Sue Weekes investigates best practice with the rise of AI in the recruitment process

IT/Telecoms, HR 8 May 2024

Business Advice: Embracing AI – essential for recruitment sales success

Ignoring AI today is like ignoring the internet in the early 90s.

8 May 2024

Recruiter Reveals All: Achieving success in Diversity & Inclusion recruitment and retention

Luke Davis speaks to Recruiter about trends in recruiting and retaining individuals from underrepresented groups.

20 October 2023

Succession Planning or Preparing for Sale

Recruiter Magazine, ran a webinar that was designed for recruitment agency founders, owners, directors and partners who would like to hear about different strategies for selling your recruitment agency or planning succession in your business. Click here to watch this webinar on demand.

22 September 2023


Tech & Tools May/June 2024

IN FOCUS: The rise and rise of video

Application integration – is it worth the effort?

A good recruitment business operation hinges on three keystone applications – CRM, billing and a financial management system

IT/Telecoms 8 May 2024
Digital glitch effect in abstract virtual reality. Image credit - iStock-1270367789

Tech & Tools: March/April 2024

IN FOCUS: Extending reality

Person Creativity Mental Health Gradient Head Design Element.Image credit - iStock-1413073686

Four steps for inclusive neurodiverse recruitment

Research indicates a significant disparity in employment rates for neurodivergent adults.

4 March 2024



Soundbites: May/June 2024

What benefits do you offer to attract new talent and retain the talent you have?

8 May 2024

Viewpoint: Neurodiversity in recruitment

It’s the time to make a change.

8 May 2024
Raise and fall of business indicators. Career lift concep.Image credit- iStock - 475840386

Viewpoint: Why can’t recruiters recruit for themselves?

Retention issues don’t need to be a painful concept.

HR 4 March 2024

The Last Word March/April 2024: Dr Cath Sleeman

Greening the job market.

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DeeDee Doke

Editor's leader: May/June 2024

A trip to Parliament several months ago was an exceptional experience.

8 May 2024
Headshot Frances Lewis

Business Advice: Will Labour ban zero-hours contracts?

If Labour wins the next election, will it ban zero-hour contracts and introduce day-one employment rights?

Legal, HR 4 March 2024
Tara Ricks profile

Business advice: Staying ahead of the curve is crucial

As our landscape continues to evolve, planning for and staying ahead of curve volatility into Q1

16 January 2024

Hiring process is crucial

Whether you’re a custodian or a conductor, everyone needs a bit of help in a new role

HR 10 November 2023

Business advice: AI, what's your plan?

“We don’t want to be left behind, but we aren’t sure what or how to think about generative AI”

IT/Telecoms, HR 10 November 2023

Business Advice: Background screening

Is background screening in the UK different to the rest of the EMEA region? Peter Cleverton explains. 

IT/Telecoms, HR 12 September 2023

In Depth

Juggling jobs

With people turning to a second job to help with the cost of living, will companies have to deal with more staff moonlighting or double-jobbing?

8 May 2024
Beautiful glass splash. Transparent, clear yellow, purple liquid. 3D colorful layered background.Image credit-Getty-1475615319

Tech-ing over the recruitment industry

Technology continues to grow the HOT 100, but an impressive year was had by all entrants.

4 March 2024
Digital Eye Wave Lines Stock Background - Credit: iStock-1333772664

Risks of AI

As artificial intelligence has evolved, concerns have also increased regarding the risks posed by its technological advance, especially around recruitment.

16 January 2024


The future of the contract recruitment industry: industry trends and strategies

Recruiter magazine ran a webinar in partnership with Sonovate on gaining a competitive edge in terms of the recruitment process. Click here to watch this webinar on demand.

23 June 2023

Employee-centric recruitment process: Your competitive edge during workforce crises

Recruiter magazine ran a webinar in partnership with Harver on gaining a competitive edge in terms of the recruitment process. Click here to watch this webinar on demand.

6 January 2023


Sponsored: Mind the Trust Gap: new research reveals over half of all hires are not working out for businesses

WHICH WOULD YOU CHOOSE – if you could trust only ONE of the following to predict your next hire’s future performance for the next 12 months?

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26 August 2021

Sponsored: Get the tools you need to prepare for IR35 changes in the private sector

The ‘Off-Payroll Working Rules’ (IR35) will apply from April 2020, impacting all recruitment agencies who supply limited company contractors to their clients.

14 June 2019