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11 most influential in-house recruiters

Welcome to the 11 Most Influential In-house Recruiters report.

12 September 2023

Inclusion key for in-house resourcing

As organisations adapt to an ever-changing business world, in-house recruiters are finding new ways to seek out talent.

Editor's Leader September 2017

Humans are alive and well in the world of recruitment and talent acquisition, as our annual showcase of top talent among in-house recruiters reveals this month! 

14 August 2017

11 Most Influential In-house Recruiters: Leading the resourcing challenge

Driving and effecting change is a key theme for deciding who are the top in-house resourcing influencers this year. Scott Beagrie introduces 2016’s list

23 August 2016

Hayes appointed to apprenticeship board

Compass Group resourcing & development director Melanie Hayes has been appointed today to a UK Apprenticeship Delivery Board, the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has announced.

18 January 2016

Top of the in-house talent tree for 2015

Welcome to Recruiter’s 2015 list of Most Influential In-House Recruiters, now in its third year.

23 July 2015

Editor's Leader August 2015

Welcome to a new, exciting chapter for Recruiter and the recruitment community!

22 July 2015

Gilead Sciences promotes Weinberg to worldwide director, talent acquisition

Biotechnology firm Gilead Sciences has promoted Grant Weinberg to worldwide director for talent acquisition.

Life sciences 5 May 2015

Influential in-house’s Hull joins Carillion

Jon Hull, one of Recruiter’s 11 Most Influential In-house Recruiters for 2014, joins support services and construction company Carillion as head of recruitment.

23 January 2015

Hull joins Carillion from Sodexo

Jon Hull has been appointed head of recruitment for support services and construction company Carillion.

Matthew Jeffery

Colin Cottell spoke with the Vice-president — Head of global sourcing and employment branding at SAP

IT/Telecoms 9 December 2014

New rules, new game

As the financial sector starts to wipe away the mistakes of the past, recruitment to the industry has changed dramatically, with more emphasis on regulation and ethical behaviour

Executive search 12 September 2014

Consultation over exclusivity clauses in zero-hours contracts launched

The government yesterday [25 August] launched a consultation aimed at identifying and closing any loopholes regarding exclusivity clauses in zero-hours contracts.

26 August 2014

Editor's Comment August 2014

Recruitment is booming — in recruitment! This month we looked at recruitment trends in both the agency and in-house worlds, and the news was good on both fronts.

IT/Telecoms 22 August 2014

Top in-house recruiters named

The 11 most influential in-house recruiters are listed in the latest issue of Recruiter.

13 August 2014

Financial conduct authority hires Maxin

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), regulator of the UK’s financial services industry, has appointed Paul Maxin as its head of talent and resourcing.

13 February 2014

Financial Conduct Authority appoints Maxin

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the regulator of the financial services industry in the UK, has appointed Paul Maxin as its head of talent and resourcing.

5 February 2014

That was 2013 in recruitment

Whether it’s the death of Mandela (or Thatcher), Andy Murray's long-awaited Wimbledon glory, the rise to prominence of 3D printing, Bitcoin and twerking that the wider world will remember this year for, 2013 has certainly been eventful for recruiters.

20 December 2013

Internal sourcing still on the rise

Companies are increasingly eyeing their own talent pools for hires, writes Christopher Goodfellow

13 November 2013

In-house moves mirror economy

Melanie Hayes of Sodexo and Paul Maxin of Unilever are among the senior in-house resourcing leaders making career changes this month that, some observers say, signal new movement in the jobs market.

13 September 2013

Hayes looks to growth at Care UK

Melanie Hayes, one of the inaugural batch of Recruiter’s 11 Most Influential In-House Recruiters, is to become head of resourcing for the healthcare division of Care UK.

Public sector 12 September 2013

In a league of their own

Welcome to our inaugural showcase of the top influencers in resourcing in the UK and Ireland. Here’s our take on the profession’s leaders for 2013. By Scott Beagrie for Recruiter

15 August 2013

Recruiter magazine celebrates in-house recruiters in a league of their own

Recruiter launches an inaugural list of the top influencers in resourcing in the UK and Ireland in August’s issue of the magazine, out now.

14 August 2013