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AI's revolutionary impact in recruitment

What does hiring look like when we take the human out of the loop? Sue Weekes investigates best practice with the rise of AI in the recruitment process

IT/Telecoms, HR 8 May 2024

Juggling jobs

With people turning to a second job to help with the cost of living, will companies have to deal with more staff moonlighting or double-jobbing?

8 May 2024

Tech-ing over the recruitment industry

Technology continues to grow the HOT 100, but an impressive year was had by all entrants.

4 March 2024
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Risks of AI

As artificial intelligence has evolved, concerns have also increased regarding the risks posed by its technological advance, especially around recruitment.

16 January 2024
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Profile: Hitting the right D&I note

Jay-T has broken a 109-year-old glass ceiling. Why did it take so long?

16 January 2024

Simplifying the process

In a world of changing payments and regulations, the professional employer organisation is here to help.

HR, Accounting/Finance 10 November 2023

Bonnett builds the Foundation into green jobs

PageGroup’s Joanna Bonnett, founder of the Green Jobs Foundation charity, is breaking down barriers within the business community by moving away from silos and egos to work together and transform green employment.

10 November 2023

The appliance of science in assessment

Hiring the right person for a role is a science, with testing and assessment increasing and evolving. particularly with the rise in AI.

IT/Telecoms, HR 12 September 2023

11 most influential in-house recruiters

Welcome to the 11 Most Influential In-house Recruiters report.

12 September 2023

Critical issues in digital hiring

An end-to-end digital hiring experience raises issues of exclusion and dangers from AI. Sue Weekes investigates.

FAST 50: Growth rates on the rise

As this year’s FAST 50 shows, there is cautious optimism in a challenging market for UK staffing businesses.

6 July 2023

Job boards: An innovative touch

Job boards are at the forefront of technology and pushing the boundaries for what candidates want, as Sue Weekes found out.

IT/Telecoms, HR 9 May 2023

House of HR goes from strength to strength

The company’s origins go back to 1995, and there is no slowing down for a major player in the recruitment game. Rachel Masker investigates

Sponsored: Black Capital Group calls for construction recruiters to apply for £100m Construction Resourcing Framework

Black Capital Group, the holding company that powers the Procure Partnerships Framework and Compliance Chain, is calling for recruitment companies across the UK to register interest in their forthcoming £100m private sector Construction Resourcing Framework.

Digital identity: Remote checks are here to stay

The introduction of digital identity verification checks have been in situ since October. Sue Weekes investigates how the system is working so far

6 March 2023

HOT 100: Recruitment sector proves its durability

This edition of the Recruiter HOT 100 demonstrates the sector’s resilience and its ability to navigate periods of uncertainty.

17 January 2023

Websites that go the extra mile

Does your website over-deliver or are candidates and clients equally underwhelmed? Sue Weekes discovers how recruiters can up their game

People, planet, profit and purpose: Making the world a better place

For a growing number of companies, profit alone is no longer the mantra of business. B Corp recognises firms that are reinventing the world of work for good

15 November 2022

Sponsored: 10 questions every recruitment leader needs to ask their marketing department

Insights from Thrive Recruitment Marketing Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Kristie Perrotte

16 September 2022

Reinventing the world of recruiting

As the business world changed how we approach work following the pandemic, modern recruitment technology propelled the industry into the new regime of work.

IT/Telecoms 13 September 2022

Chartering offshore success

Specialist recruiter Select Offshore is a success story created in part by the Covid-19 global pandemic.

Oil & gas/Energy, Engineering 13 September 2022

11 Most influential in-house recruiters: 2022

Welcome to the nineth 11 Most Influential In-house Recruiters report.

13 September 2022

Sponsored: Covenants and confidentiality – the key to protecting your business

Restrictive covenants can provide powerful protection for businesses threatened by competition from former employees or directors, but they are often perceived as unenforceable. Partner Neil Warner and senior associate Kate Canning at Gateley Legal explain why this isn’t true.

26 August 2022

Sponsored: Amiqus becomes one of the first 10 government-approved Identity Service Providers in the UK

Amiqus is the UK’s most trusted compliance and onboarding platform. It has achieved certification as part of the UK government’s Digital Identity & Attributes Trust Framework (UKDIATF) and gained the status of an identity service provider (IDSP), for DBS criminal record and right to work checks across the UK. 

25 August 2022

Technology cures for umbrella sector

Umbrella companies increasingly rely on technology to improve and manage their transactions but ever-more robust systems are needed to combat cybercriminals and protect businesses

11 July 2022