Soundbites June/July 2020

What is the biggest lesson you have learned so far from the coronavirus pandemic?

Angela Middleton
MBE Founder and owner, MiddletonMurray

“The greatest lesson I’ve learned so far is that we all needed time to jump off the hamster wheel and take stock in order to improve business and life. I introduced Zoom into my business three years ago but only now are we using it for entire company daily meetings. Previously I could have pushed it through but it was never a high enough priority – people were ironically always too busy. We were also spending fortunes on classes and staff dotted around the country to provide a national service. Now we are holding several workshops per day with up to 43 attendees joining in one go last week. The candidates have a choice of times; they also get focused one-to-ones after. Again we could have done this sooner but there were always staff objections and concerns. Now we’ve done it everyone loves it.”


Simon Wright
Operations director,

“The biggest lesson is that remote working is completely achievable for most people and online collaboration will be the new reality for many industries moving forward. The pandemic has changed how companies physically work and interact. While some employers may not have previously been open to allowing staff to work from home, they now realise that the work is still getting done – in many cases, productivity is much higher. Take away the long commutes, forced lunch breaks, pointless meetings and the need to wear a suit, and in most cases you’re left with a happier, more relaxed, better rested, more productive workforce. The UK recruitment industry includes some of the country’s most agile and adaptive companies that quickly dealt with this crisis through creativeness and swift technology adoption. Virtual recruiting is very much going to be the new norm from millions of previously underused home offices.”


Cassie Sissons
Managing director, Resourcing Services, Amberjack

“Our brand essence has always been Ability with Agility, which underpins the values we live and breathe as an organisation. These have been truly tested during this unprecedented time in the ways we work together, and the ways we work with our clients. We’re proud of the way the team responded so quickly to a new way of working – setting up communication channels on a local team basis and the wider business. But importantly, keeping the team spirit alive through social engagement through chat groups, virtual lunches, Friday quizzes and so on. Retaining that positive spirit, accepting and adapting to change, and embracing new agile ways of working with each other and clients. I have personally been blown away by how well the business has adapted to remote working, and in particular how everyone continues to respond as the situation evolves.”

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