Editor's Leader JUNE/JULY 2020

It’s about eight weeks since I’ve been to my official workplace in London.

No commute, and the streets and parks of my little city are much quieter and cleaner than they were just a couple months ago. And queueing outside supermarkets and other stores is now a habit, while ordering some necessities online has become even more of a habit. Possibly because of a childhood spent living in US military communities abroad, which involved shops with limited supplies, shopping by post, the geographical distance of friends, and a feeling of curfew in mid- to late evening in current conditions don’t seem tremendously weird.

This move toward greater agility will surely help the UK emerge a more productive nation from recession. Let’s seize this day”

What is exciting, however, is seeing early signs of workplace change: a new agility for businesses and individuals alike in the increased value of transferrable skills and increased knowledge sharing. While government figures reiterate we’re headed for recession, this move toward greater agility and a ‘thinking on your feet’ approach toward flexing organisational boundaries into new directions will surely help the UK emerge a more productive nation from recession. Let’s seize this day. 

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