Soundbites: January/February 2024


What is your first order of business in 2024?

David Bolton

David Bolton

Chief operating officer, Visuna

“At Visuna, 2024’s focus is centred around further growth. We have plans to digitally transform our businesses and roll out a new CRM system, which, with our team’s support, will streamline how we work. So, my initial focus will be on our superb staff, ensuring training, engagement and alignment across the team while spending additional time with key personnel to develop new strategies and avenues for that growth, and creating more efficiencies that can allow us to maximise whatever opportunities 2024 brings. Plus, I’m keen to progress our environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) priorities.”

Katerina Trajchevska

Co-founder and CEO, Adeva

“AI is becoming increasingly omnipresent in every aspect of our lives and we recognise the critical need for AI expertise in today’s competitive industry. Our first order of business is to address the AI talent shortage, with our strategy focused on building a strong network of senior AI talent and helping senior engineers from diverse fields transition into AI. To support this, we’re launching the AI Hub, an online platform uniting experienced AI professionals and enthusiasts. This effort aims to close the talent gap by providing companies with AI experts – ensuring they stay at the forefront of technological innovation.”

Mike Wall

Mike Wall

Chair, Institute of Job Aggregators

“In brief: growing the IJA! In 2023 we spoke to many key players in the industry, and we are delighted with how positive the response has been and how they believe an institute could help the industry continue to grow and thrive. Following our launch event in November 2023, we are now inviting key players to join us as founding members of the Institute. We are excited about 2024 as work with these members to shape and grow the IJA to ensure we offer the best service, support and solutions to the whole industry.”

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