Soundbites: March/April 2024


What is the bravest step forward your business has made so far in 2024?

Liz Nevitt

liz nevitt dedicate recruitment

Recruitment director, Dedicate Recruitment

“As a business operating in a highly specialised niche sector, we’ve recognised our ability to provide added value where perhaps larger, more generalised agencies simply don’t. This year, we have been investing even more time working with clients and candidates, providing a bespoke recruitment experience, which has led to better feedback and results. We’re being brave in showing our community what we do behind the scenes and have been fortunate to be shortlisted for the MATA (Multi Academy Trust Association) National MAT Awards in March 2024 as Education Consultant of the Year.”

Alex Hoe

alex hoe

Recruitment operations manager, Ford and Stanley

“Against a backdrop of recruitment firms reportedly cutting up to 20% of their staff during Q4 2023, following three new significant client contract awards, this year we have made the call to increase our headcount and back ourselves once again. May 2024 marks our 35th anniversary since the company first embarked upon our mission to help create One Million Better Workdays, meaning over the past three and a half decades we have navigated our way through a lot of market fluctuations.”

Naomi Howells

naomi headshot

Managing director, Class People

“In education, there is a staffing crisis leading to a shortage of applicants, with many competitors cutting costs and scaling back their own workforces to compensate the resulting loss of turnover. Instead, we have deliberately approved the opposite strategy: holding steadfast and recruiting more people to better serve our clients. This approach goes against common advice, but is supporting us to prioritise innovation, identify new talent pools with transferable skills and offer our clients more than others in the sector. It’s a brave choice, but one we’re confident will continue our legacy.”

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