Soundbites: November/December 2023


What role or roles do you see AI playing in your business next year and beyond?

Miles Greenslade

Managing director, Adjacency

“AI will continue to play a part in the recruitment process, but won’t remove the ‘human’ element of assessing a candidate’s cultural fit, which often is the deciding factor of employment. What we are seeing is the positive use of AI to help candidates match themselves to the most relevant roles for them, saving time and allowing them to put their energy into only the most relevant opportunities. Currently 70-80% of a recruiter’s judgement is based on finding the cultural fit of a candidate for the company and the candidate’s potential colleagues – something that AI currently is unable to assess.”

James Kingston

Founder and owner, Kingston Barnes

“AI would take a minimal role within my recruitment business, and if utilised, with great caution. We’re dealing with real people and there are some things a computer just can’t do. What makes a great recruiter is the ability to understand, question, think outside the box and consult in finding the perfect fit. You notice AI more when it goes wrong. I’ve had many incorrect approaches because of poorly managed automation that discredits the individual and puts you on the naughty/blocked list. Great recruitment is an art… and in a candidate-led market we need great artists.”

Chris Leeson

CEO, Huntress

“The speed in which AI is evolving means our brands – Huntress, Birchrose Associates and Merrifield Consultants – will see the value in applying these tools to their candidate-sourcing process. We want to enhance the way we work, not change it. The application process for candidates will be seamless and user-friendly. We will provide consultants with tools to identify new clients and support existing ones more effectively. Market intelligence, reporting and data will remain a focus for our support teams. These tools align with our business goals: a priority in targeting the right people and doing so more efficiently.”

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