Editor's leader November/December 2023

A great frustration for me as an editor, a gatekeeper for information for our recruitment community, is the lack of ‘hows’ generally available.

What I mean is, our team receive proclamations day in and day out about ‘this is good – all businesses should embrace it’, or ‘this is bad – eradicate it from your business’ covering everything from diversity, equity & inclusion to bullying and wellbeing initiatives. Lacking usually is the ‘how’: how do you create a healthy DE&I culture, how do you stop bullying, and so on.

So, it was incredibly refreshing, enlightening and exciting to get a large dose of ‘hows’ and ‘whats’ at the LinkedIn Talent Summit in New York in October. One lightning bolt came from Joanna Bonnett of PageGroup, who spoke about the advent of green jobs, how new green jobs are being developed and how she personally is involved in mapping a course for green jobs and skills in the UK.

One lightning bolt came from Joanna Bonnett of PageGroup, who spoke about green jobs”

Incidentally, Bonnett is not a recruiter per se: she’s the head of sustainability and corporate treasury in her day job. Read her story in this issue of Recruiter, and stay tuned for more ‘tales from the Big Apple’ about making a difference in how talent/skills developed are being influenced from beyond the talent enclave for good. Thanks to LinkedIn for bringing these innovators to the world stage.

DeeDee Doke, Editor

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