Soundbites Jan/Feb 2021

If you could create and hire for just one game-changing role in 2021, what would it be and what would that person’s responsibilities be?

Matt Goodman
Co-founder and director, Auricoe

“I believe that the game-changing role in 2021 for forward-thinking organisations is Director of Values. This position involves: reassessing existing company values to reflect the organisation’s culture, diversity and environment; and creating a values-led recruitment framework to align company values with the core values of existing employees and new hires. When individual and company values align, people gain purpose. Shared goals, increased engagement and maximum productivity are the result. The Director of Values will ensure that the company values are lived and breathed, becoming the heartbeat that drives business.”


Tatiana Melnichuk
Founder and head of IT recruiter Lucky Hunter

“This is a pretty tricky question, but to indulge a fantasy for a while, then I would definitely hire my Second Self! The ‘second self’ would do my routine work (negotiations with clients, team management, control of all processes), and I would completely immerse myself in the development of the company and implementing our main goal – to conquer the world of IT recruiting. Like many other leaders, I would love the ability to clone myself and so manage to do twice as many things, but I’m sure if it were possible, we would have moved mountains with the ‘second self’!


Ben Rosen
CEO, Inspiring Interns

“The ongoing Covid pandemic has caused millions of individuals to lose their jobs over the past year, therefore it has become extremely important for individuals to carve out new careers for themselves. Customer service is one of our primary focuses and thanks to the developments in technology, we would consider creating a Customer Service Analyst role within the company. The employee’s responsibilities would be gathering data and carrying out research to gain a clearer perception of the success of our existing operations and how we may be able to improve by adapting new strategies into the campaign.”

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