IRP March 2019: Embracing technology

Tom Pickersgill

Tom Pickersgill, founder of temporary staffing platform Broadstone, on embracing technology.

The modern jobseeker has changed, the industry needs to change too

They’re used to ordering an Uber or a Deliveroo. They don’t want to have to go into the nearest town to look at job ads in a window, or have a long interview, for a temporary, low-paid contract.

In low-margin sectors such as security it’s not sustainable to use a third party for recruitment.

By using technology to cut back office costs and minimise the legwork required for background checks and regulatory compliance, Broadstone can pass on the savings, provide higher wages and attract more jobseekers to these sectors.  

Technology can help drive best practice.

A CV doesn’t tell you how reliable or trustworthy someone is or how they perform, but members of Broadstone’s community can achieve all-star status, unlocking extra benefits if they don’t cancel jobs, turn up on time and log their timesheets correctly. Likewise employer ratings, based on how responsive they are, for example, enforces things that haven’t traditionally been tracked.

To make the most out of technology you need a clear strategy

But you can start small, with the easiest business problem you’re looking to solve. If you can find one way to slither 5% off the resources you need over a year, other opportunities will soon become apparent. Getting your team involved to understand what you’re trying to do will deliver better results. Bringing in specialists will ensure you’re on the right track. 

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