IRP May 2018: What I know

IRP May 2018: What I know

Chris Peace, managing director of Peace Recruitment Group.

What does Peace Recruitment do?
We’re specialists in all things construction and engineering. We’ll be celebrating our 10th anniversary in January 2019.

Opening a recruitment business during the recession must have been hard... 
I really enjoyed it. Even though the market was on its knees, I still manged to make ends meet and register jobs, and speak to clients and candidates. I think it gave me an opportunity to build some critical mass on our CRM and I’m proud to say that we’ve managed to keep that data clean over the past decade.

What’s the goal of your business?
My object is simple – I want Peace Recruitment to the agency of choice for our sector in Scotland.

You brought something new to the table with your ‘Rate My Recruiter’ app. How did that come about?
Our ethos has always been service over sales. The game plan was if we got that part right, we would make money and that worked well. Behind the scenes, transparency and honesty have been our values. As the business grew, we joined the Institute of Customer Service and to cement that approach, I invented the Rate My Recruiter app. Every single candidate and client we meet gets plugged into it and they get the option of reviewing our consultants out of 10 at pivotal points in the process. We’re not cherrypicking – whenever that email or text message rating us comes through, within 10 seconds it’s on our website.

How has that been received internally?
Internally, the guys are really picky about giving a good level of service. One poor score could drop them from 8.9 to an 8.2. It’s creating an intrinsic link for the consultants to care about what they do with people. What’s more, we’re tying the scores to bonuses this year, too.

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