Soundbites May 2020

Do you plan on embracing homeworking more once things are back to some semblance of normality?

Ricky Martin
Managing director, Hyper Recruitment Solutions

“Homeworking certainly will be something HRS will embrace more, post-crisis. It has been a great opportunity to stress-test our company’s connectivity, our people’s commitment and to learn how to self-discipline better than ever, business wide. I predict that what it has done for most companies and employees is made people realise how the flexible working-from-home benefit (as people call it) has upsides, but also is not the ‘be all and end all’. In fact, the continued people interactions, the environment and culture of your office are a bigger thing to what we love about what we do than we realise. Having a role which supports agility is one thing, but what we love about what we do, other than the purpose, is the people around us all working towards that common goal. It still exists remotely, but much harder to see, feel and breathe!”

Bev White
CEO, Harvey Nash

“I think so. Not just for me, but more broadly. I expect it will be a wider trend across businesses. We’ll do it more because we can and because we’ve proved it can work. We’re finding out how efficient it can be. There are also some significant environmental benefits that I’m sure many people will have read out about – rivers getting clearer, air quality improving etc. With climate change top of mind as a global issue, homeworking has significant benefits it can deliver there, too. Many things will come out of this crisis that have long-term positive effects.”

Lorraine Douglas
Owner, Douglas John Recruitment

“Once Covid-19 has left us then I will remain working from home as I prefer it and have no reason to pay for office space. I have the technology and peace to work from home. I enjoy my surroundings; I can walk to the beach in less than two minutes when I want a break, and I feel comfortable at home. I can be myself, and I make great coffee, so why change it?”

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