Soundbites March 2019

What's the most rewarding experience you have ever had with a candidate?

Lisa Graham
Lisa Graham

Director, E1EW

"Last year, we ran a competition to find the most hardworking driver, which ran from 1 January to 14 February. The prize, a meal out for two, would be given out on Valentine’s Day. We had one driver who didn’t have a lot of money but was such a hard worker and always reliable… He won the competition and was so delighted with his prize he sent us a lovely photo of him and his wife having their meal out. As our aim is to create a great place to work, being in a position to do that and see the smiles on the faces of our driver and his ‘date’ makes all our hard work worthwhile and ultimately very rewarding.”

Chris Smith
Chris Smith

Branch manager, Nurseplus Liverpool

“My most rewarding experience with a candidate would have to be one of my first recruits with Nurseplus. The candidate had been out of work and on benefits for a significant period of time, to the point where she could not afford a DBS [Disclosure and Barring Service] payment. I sourced a company to fund it for her. We have since got her off benefits completely and she has been working full time for me since February last year. I have a great relationship with this candidate and I hope it may continue.”

Olivia Spruce
Olivia Spruce

CEO, Positive Healthcare

“There are some candidates who stick out more than others and I often keep in touch with those I have built a real relationship with. One particular candidate sticks out, but he was representational of a lot of professionals who had had the same unfortunate experiences during the infamous credit crunch, when we all acutely felt the pressure. He needed to secure a permanent and highly specialist position, and I worked very closely with him until he secured the right role. From this point, he also became my client. We have kept in touch over the years and he has often been one of my biggest endorsers/supporters, for which I am most grateful – living proof of what goes around, comes around.”

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