GLAA gives poultry workers 10-point checklist

A new 10-point checklist for workers in the UK poultry industry has been developed by the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) to help them understand their rights in the workplace and spot the signs of labour exploitation.

Educational posters created by the GLAA will be distributed to a dozen poultry sites in England, Wales and Scotland as part of a six-week pilot project starting this month, which has been backed by the British Poultry Council. 

The posters feature the top 10 labour rights chicken catchers and other poultry workers should expect from their employer. They will be available in four different languages including England and will also include QR codes directing workers to the GLAA and partners’ websites for further information on their rights.

The rights that should be expected are:

  • Contract, including working hours, holidays and time off
  • Working conditions
  • Pay
  • No threats or abuse
  • Accommodation
  • Water and rest facilities
  • Health & safety
  • Transport
  • Training
  • Freedom.

The checklist is based on the legal requirements in the GLAA licensing standards, which protect workers from poor treatment and exploitation.

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