Most annoying colleagues tend to be called ‘Sue’ or ‘John’

Are you annoyed by a ‘Sue’ or a ‘John’ at your agency? You’re not on your own, if research from Instaprint is anything to go by.

The online print provider’s survey of 1,000 UK employers uncovered the names of both the top 10 most irritating men and women to work alongside.

The lists are as follows:

Top 10 Most Irritating Men to Work Alongside
1.    John
2.    Dave
3.    Mark
4.    Steven
5.    Paul
6.    James
7.    Chris
8.    Richard
9.    Robert
10.    Peter

Top 10 Most Irritating Women to Work Alongside
1.    Sue
2.    Sarah
3.    Alison
4.    Jane
5.    Kate / Katie
6.    Charlotte
7.    Deborah
8.    Rachel
9.    Sally
10.    Lucy

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