REC Professionals: Life after an MBO

Tony Ward and Dominic Coyne, founders, BuildSpace, on life after an MBO

After your MBO from UKL Group and subsequent rebrand, you’ve focused on being “deliberately different”. What does that mean?  

Recruitment is generally only as good as the sales people in the team. But we’re innovators and we’ll use the latest technology to drive efficiency and generate the best quality candidates in the market faster than our competitors.

We don’t rely on CVs – we’ll send clients videos of candidates. We’re using AI, automation, chat bots and machine learning.

We champion our candidates as much as our clients. But we’re sifting for gold, and technology helps with the first few sifts.

We can also build clients microsites within our website. We’d rather be an extension to somebody’s business than take a scattergun approach to winning it. And when clients’ biggest headaches are the time it takes to hire and the quality of CVs they receive, we’ve got a solution to improve that process.

What about the challenges of rebranding the business?

The biggest challenge has been driving internal change. We had to persist with it and really sell the benefits. But we’ve been good at spotting the opportunities, and we’ve got strong relationships with our clients, who appreciate our fresh approach. We’ll grow our headcount significantly in 2020. 

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