Soundbites: January/February 2023


What plans have you got to help your staff, temporary workers and contractors with the cost-of-living crisis going into 2023?

John Paul Caffery CEO, RAMP Global

“We have introduced a number of initiatives to support our employees’ financial – and mental – health during the crisis. We’re reviewing our remuneration packages to reflect inflation and as part of this, issuing a one-off cost-of-living bonus payment. We also provide monthly voucher incentives, season ticket loans, flexible working to reduce travel costs and early payment options for contractors. To support employees’ mental health, we organise a weekly Deliveroo to all staff so they receive a nice meal, and provide personal wellbeing allowances, monthly nights out and an annual overseas trip, benefitting those who maybe can’t afford to travel abroad.”

Kate Merritt Co-founder, Liberty Hive

“Flexible working is a game changer, particularly now as we face the cost-of-living crisis. Giving all employees, including contractors, flexibility around where and how they work helps to manage household costs. Reducing commuting costs (the average London commuter spends £5,114 pa) or favouring heated offices with everyday perks – giving staff the autonomy to choose can only be a good thing. Now more than ever is the time to trial more flexible initiatives – for example, the nine-day fortnight or giving carers’ leave. These can all support a workforce under pressure which ultimately helps businesses attract and retain talent.”

Lewis Maleh Founder and CEO, Bentley Lewis

“The experiences of the last few years have taught us to be proactive when supporting our team. These are a few things we are exploring during the cost-of-living crisis. Communicate openly and regularly: Keep your team informed about what is happening. Encourage them to share any ideas they may have. Flexible work arrangements: Consider offering remote work or flexible hours to help your team manage their responsibilities. Financial assistance and resources: Provide financial assistance such as bonuses or raises to help alleviate financial strains. Show appreciation and gratitude: A simple thank you or small gesture can go a long way in helping your team feel valued.”

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