Editor's leader November/December 2021

The narrative on remote working and its effect on innovation is still in its infancy. 

A speaker at a virtual conference I just attended offered wise advice during a discussion of remote working’s effect on innovation: he suggested that we not draw too many conclusions about anything associated with remote working for another 12 months. Quite right. The story is still developing, and at the end of the first full year of Covid, it’s hard to make a definitive, well-researched judgement on anything.

Well, there may be a few caveats – one can see the immediate positives and negatives in one’s own life that have been a direct or side effect of the global pandemic or remote working. But on a mass scale, we really are still stumbling around in the dark, trying to find our best way.

Let’s aim to apply the most heartfelt lessons from the pandemic: let’s stick together as an industry”

The roller-coaster ride continues as we hurtle toward 2022, our destination unknown.

But let’s aim to apply, and not forget, the most heartfelt lessons from the pandemic: let’s stick together as an industry and profession, let’s provide our candidates, clients and contractors with the finest, blue-chip services of our world-leading sector, and let’s adapt to the pavement moving under our feet as robustly, ethically and thoughtfully as we can. And be kind.

A joyous holiday season to you and yours.  

DeeDee Doke, Editor

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