Editor's Leader July/August 2021

You could not operate in the burgeoning recruitment tech world of the millennium without knowing Alan Whitford.


A fellow native of Seattle, USA, as he never failed to remind me, Alan was everywhere, smiling and persistent as he fervently preached the rec tech gospel – the wise uncle to the chattering masses. His departure from this world on 8 June leaves a hole in the pantheon of personalities who took knowledge-sharing in new directions in recruitment, to the point of creating a sort of mythology around the practice and the technology that could enhance it. Godspeed Alan. (See the tribute to him here.)

Let’s hear what the government plans to do long term about the driver shortage”

You’ve heard about good days to drop ‘bad news’ stories? In the hours before England’s match against Denmark, UK transport secretary Grant Shapps slipped in a cheeky ‘hit and run’ announcement on Twitter that the UK would relax the limit on working hours for HGV drivers for a few weeks because of supply-chain problems. Such a casual, ‘oh by the way’ approach to a serious issue. Let’s hear what the government plans to do long term about the driver shortage; at the moment, this seems just another in the ‘rush to judgement, never mind about the consequences’ series of decisions.

And some good news – see our FAST 50, compiled and analysed for Recruiter by Clearwater International, for recruitment companies breaking the bonds of earth to soar!

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