Soundbites December 2020

What is the greatest lesson you have learned in 2020, and how will you apply it in 2021?

David Annable
Founder and director, Franklin Fitch

“This year, the vast majority of our industry, from trainee consultant to CEO, has needed to dig deep; 2020 has been an arduous wrestle in numerous ways. To conquer the constant work and life challenges we’ve faced and feel any semblance of victory, it’s taken more than the usual grit, resilience and determination; for me, purpose has been the driving force. Purpose is a broad term and works on many levels. Right now, I’m thinking a lot about my purpose, my team’s purpose and Franklin Fitch’s purpose. Once fully understood, in 2021, we will be laser-focused on these, and work tirelessly to achieve our goals and our greater purpose.”

Andy Lewis 
Operations director, Encore Personnel

“The biggest lesson learnt for me through the lockdown summer and subsequent uncertain times has been the importance of not losing sight of the reward and recognition staff deserve for continuing to deliver such amazing results for our business. Be that a well-worded email, a gift voucher, a pay rise/promotion or simply a virtual arm around someone’s shoulder when they’ve needed it, a business that loses sight of the importance of staff engagement and welfare will be one that struggles to come out the other side.”

Jamie Reynolds 
CEO, Cordant Group

“2020 has taught me to continually promote and inspire innovation. At Cordant, we didn’t surrender to the pandemic, we were resilient: we responded, adapted and acted. Having already made considerable progress in digitalising the candidate journey, and integrating market-leading technology, the business quickly implemented virtual processes and moved to remote working. In 2021 we will continue to innovate. Technology isn’t slowing down, and if we want to remain stable, successful and futureproof we need to keep up with the hyper-connected, ever-advancing employment market.”

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