Diversity counts for recruiter Cititec

Specialist recruiter Cititec has published a new report that it claims is a first among UK recruiters.

Mon, 8 Apr 2013
Specialist recruiter Cititec has published a new report that it claims is a first among UK recruiters.

Cititec’s ‘Annual Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Report 2012’ aims to show the company’s track record in progressing toward its goal of being “that 1% [of recruiters] who can evidence non-discrimination”.

Similar to a financial report, the EDI report emphasises Cititec’s objective to become “a critical partner” with candidates and clients to achieve a more “diverse, flexible and sustainable workforce”, internally as well as through its partners.

The report covers the business case, what Cititec is doing, employee engagement, client and candidate involvement, and supporting inclusion objectives.

It also highlights attitude changes towards EDI issues that have occurred in the past five years, such as increasing client interest in equality monitoring data. “Now nearly all the banks ask for it,” the report says.

Co-founders Stephen and Robert Grant contend that “setting a high standard” for EDI is “fundamental to our success as a business. We want it to be more than rhetoric… we want to embrace it”.

Cititec is specialist in financial IT, insurance, digital, energy and pharmaceutical recruitment. Trading since 1998, it has 100 employees and a global footprint. The company partnered with inclusion and equality specialists Sateo to produce and audit the report.

The report is availability via the Cititec sustainability web pages.

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