Firefish Software

Firefish Software is a sales and marketing platform that helps recruiters reach, engage and recruit top candidates before their competitors. 

The average recruiter spends thousands per month to attract candidates, only to put them in a database to die. In fact, on average only 15% of candidates in a recruiter’s database has been updated in the last 2 years and unless you have an army of recruiters annoying your candidates every day this is impossible to increase. 

Within 6 months of using Firefish, agencies can have 85% of their database active and engaged. This in turn creates 25% more placement opportunities that were hidden in their dead data.



One in three recruitment agencies have a database where only 25% of their candidates’ information is up-to-date in the system. Firefish can increase this to 85% in six months - and we’ll show a before and after to prove it.

Every recruiter’s nightmare is missing out on a placement when the perfect candidate was in their database already, but they didn’t know because the information was out of date. That’s why Firefish doesn’t just store candidate data; it’s an engagement engine designed to help recruiters achieve the maximum placements from that data.

Firefish predicts when a candidate will starts looking for a new job even before they have admitted it to themselves. Putting your recruiters in the driving seat.

Recruitment is not about what a candidate has done in their past it is what the candidate will want to do in the future. Firefish joins the dots and allows your recruiters to see this first.  

Our cloud based solution incorporates applicant tracking, recruitment marketing, CRM, reporting and full website integration. It's ideal for privately owned recruitment agencies with 1-25 recruiters.

To see Firefish in action, book a demo on our website or give us a call on 0141 648 8520.