Sponsored: Amiqus becomes one of the first 10 government-approved Identity Service Providers in the UK

Amiqus is the UK’s most trusted compliance and onboarding platform. It has achieved certification as part of the UK government’s Digital Identity & Attributes Trust Framework (UKDIATF) and gained the status of an identity service provider (IDSP), for DBS criminal record and right to work checks across the UK. 

As a certified provider, employers and recruiters can confidently carry out fully digital right to work processes and criminal record checks via the Amiqus platform and have the reassurance that all updated requirements set out by the UK government are met.

The new rigorous standards in place are externally audited on an annual basis. They provide a gold standard of assurance within a typically complex and fragmented marketplace of suppliers and tech to navigate, for recruiters, employers and regulated organisations. 

Callum Murray, CEO of Amiqus, said: 

“Over the last few years, we’ve proven our ability to digitally support the needs of government, NHS, regulators and regulated organisations across sectors at scale to support their pre-employment screening and compliance onboarding.

“Now, as a certified IDSP to the UK government national trust framework, as well as aligning with the DBS and Right to Work schemes, we’re offering an accredited end-to-end approach to our clients covering all aspects of identity orchestration, verification, criminal record checking and digital back office management. The result is a fast, simple and secure digital process for both candidates and internal teams.”

Amiqus are strategic partners with the REC, trusted by hundreds of organisations across sectors including the Scottish Government, NHS Business Service Authority and many others. Amiqus is proven to generate significant cost-savings by reducing the time taken to complete the pre-employment process by up to 80%.

Click here to book a demo and ensure you have a certified identity service provider in place before digital right to work requirements come into force on 1 October 2022. 

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