How the Level 4 Diploma in Recruitment Management helped me progress in my Career

Lindsay Irvine is a member of the Institute of Recruitment professionals and a Business Development Manager.

Why did you decide to study the Level 4 qualification?

I chose to study the Level 4 Diploma in Recruitment Practice over a year ago for a number of reasons: first and foremost, it was to build on the knowledge I gained when I studied and passed the Level 3 Certificate in Recruitment Practice.  At the time I was account managing a large portfolio of recruitment companies at the REC and wanted to gain a greater understanding of the day-to-day role and responsibilities my clients faced and enhance the level of support I provided them with. I had also been considering a career in recruitment and I knew having this qualification under my belt would stand me in good stead.

What did you find most interesting about the course?

The Level 4 has been an intense but fantastic learning curve for me. The people management unit (4-8) was the most enjoyable one so far! It opened my eyes to the delicate balance managing consultants have to achieve in terms of completing their work whilst juggling the needs and challenges of managing their own team, motivating different people within that team and how to do so.

Did it help you to progress in your professional career?

All of the units have enabled me to expand my knowledge to a whole new level, the Insight in to the Legal & Ethical Requirements in Recruitment was incredible! Until then I did not fully appreciate how heavily regulated the industry is and how this impacts the day-to-day work of recruiters.

I became increasingly interested in working within the recruitment industry and when I was offered the opportunity to join the Cordant Group I felt confident, thanks to this qualification, that I could make the transition.

From a personal perspective, I found I was able to study whilst maintaining a healthy work-life balance and have really enjoyed keeping my brain cells active too. Above all else it has helped me move in to a role with a fantastic company and see first-hand the positive impact my colleagues have on the lives of the candidates they work with and the sense of job satisfaction they get as a result.

Who would you recommend this course to?

For those already working within recruitment I would certainly recommend this course if you are keen to progress with your company. Whilst I appreciate experience is an important factor this qualification provides you with the knowledge as a foundation that you can build on with experience. Having the option to study units that cover topics such as marketing and finance, enables you to extend your knowledge beyond your current role and ultimately you will be in a strong position to add more value to your company and take that next step within it. 

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