The View: Final five

So this is my last column as the REC’s CEO and I thought I should leave with five bits of advice based on my reflections from my time leading the recruitment industry.

1) Have a clear strategy and purpose 
Great recruitment businesses can define two things: where and how they compete. They can also answer the question of why a client should choose you and why a potential employee would want to work at your firm.

2) Skill, labour and talent shortages will only increase 
So a candidate-driven approach will be your key differentiator in the next decade. Finding, attracting and helping hire people the clients can’t find themselves will be the key to sustainable success.

3) It’s all about the people 
Your people are your value delivery mechanism, they provide service to your clients and candidates. So the engagement, development and motivation of your people should always be at the centre of your thinking. Your frontline managers are the most critical resource to invest in. They create your culture and define if it’s a good place to work for or not. 

4) Talk up the recruitment industry
Be loud and proud about the great work the whole industry delivers to the UK economy, to businesses and candidates. Jobs really do transform lives. You weaken your own business’ standing if you talk to clients about there being no barriers to entry for the industry and there being thousands of rogues and cowboys. 

5) Engage with the REC 
What you put in is what you get out. The REC is owned by its members to lead a successful, respected and recognised industry. It can only be the voice of the industry with active member engagement.

I am convinced that the best years are ahead of the UK’s recruitment industry. It’s been a privilege and an honour to serve you over the last 10 years. Over and out. What’s next?  

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