Editor's leader March/April 2022

We shouldn't forget the spirit of the Covid 'war' years.

Nearly two years of UK government restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic have come to an end, more with a whisper than with fireworks. Despite so many trappings of a war – such as masks, restrictions on socialising, cancellations of events and travel – the Covid crisis in the UK, primarily in England, simply ran out of steam and burned out.

How very anti-climactic. Disappointing, you might say.

Life has changed for many of us in unexpected, unimagined ways; we have lost many lives, and it seems ignoble to just let it go without some recognition – a ribbon cutting, a holiday, a Covid V E Day of sorts.

Here’s to all of the spirit, initiative, generosity and agility this sector has exhibited”

When we look back at the past two years, the changes in recruitment will stand out to represent how a tightly-wound industry dipped and dived with the best in business, epitomised agility and the best of adaptation to new conditions, with the spirit of many in our industry reflecting the initiative and generosity we associate with the finest moments of the Blitz.

Let’s not forget the Covid ‘war years’. Here’s to all of the spirit, initiative, generosity and agility this sector has exhibited and hopefully will retain as a living, dynamic set of values and tribute as we live with this virus in the years to come.

DeeDee Doke, Editor


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