Soundbites: May/June 2021

What new requirements will you have in your office facilities post-lockdown?

Nick Greenston

CEO, Retinue Talent Solutions

“In the current post-Covid climate that has become the ‘new normal’, we are getting on with business as usual, as we are all well connected and equipped from our home offices. However, in a people-driven business like recruitment, we all need those water-cooler conversations. A business such as ours is founded and thrives on relationships, so I strongly believe that our people will return to the office in time to see, meet and bond again with their colleagues. We may revert to working more from home again as staff tire of the daily commute. Essentially, it is all about finding a healthy balance, so that staff are happy and feel supported.”


Michelle Lownie

CEO, Eden Scott

“Offices will be a completely different experience as we advance out of lockdown. Just as many of our clients have adapted their working arrangements, so must we. Physical working spaces will become more about collaboration, maximising the time and space with colleagues. We’ve worked hard to ensure our technology can support our teams to operate from wherever they feel most productive and achieve the best work/life balance. While no one would ever have wished for a global pandemic, it has confirmed what we’ve long believed: that with the right technology and trust, our teams can deliver fantastic results from anywhere.”


Paul Sangster

Director, itris Recruitment Software

“At itris, we are fortunate to own our offices and are excited to see staff returning over the coming weeks. As well as a more thorough cleaning routine, we have introduced air quality control, sanitising stations and increased the space between work areas. There is an expectation from our personnel to be offered a more flexible way of working. Therefore, we will be embracing a hybrid work style across our business, driven by individual comfort, health and wellbeing. We will be conducting consultations with each member of staff to see what works best for them, while maintaining security and quality control.”

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