Editor's Leader May/June

One could think that the current government shies away from developing anything other than surface solutions to business issues.

Taking that point of view is once again too easy this month when the promised Employment Bill failed to materialise and yet another scandalous report emerged about hordes of mini umbrella companies operating out of the Philippines.

The world of the self-employed/contractors and, by association, umbrella companies is far too complex a landscape for the current government to navigate. Slapping on complicated and bureaucratic admin for employers, recruiters and contractors/self-employed takes less time. Collecting taxes in the UK is easier than chasing down the UK citizens who vanish into the sun and palm trees abroad still making money from the folks at home.  

“Let's be honest – getting a grip on the world of modern work is proving to be a step too far”

Let’s be honest – getting a grip on the world of modern work overall is proving to be a step or two too far for this bunch.

It is shameful enough that the government cannot deliver the Single Enforcement Authority, an Employment Bill and regulation for umbrella companies. However, they should be shamed by seeing the nation’s frontline of healthcare staff, teachers and more reduced to skimming off their meagre wages because people with a lot more money are given carte blanche to skim from their wages first.

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