Soundbites Mar/Apr 2021

What will be your greatest investment in your recruitment business this year?

“What will be your greatest investment in your recruitment business this year?”

Adam Brown

“Given that 2020 was such a difficult and uncertain year, our greatest investment is without doubt back into our own people – specifically their mental and physical health. We are doing this in a number of ways. We have engaged an employee assistance programme, which provides an advisory service to support mental wellbeing across the board. This is in addition to a combination of dedicated Mental Health First Aiders and our own Guardian Programme to provide an internal support system. All our employees also have flexi access to a huge range of gyms and sport clubs, and online fitness and mindfulness classes.”


David Gettins
Managing director, Lorien

“For me, the answer is simple – our people. 2020 was tough mentally for everyone, and we need to put our arms around our people and really invest in our EVP. We’ve always said our people make the difference, something I believe now more than ever. We’ll also be investing in the pockets of brilliance I see throughout our business, empowering our experts through our Virtuosity programme to use their strengths and lead from the front. If we look after our people, they will look after our customers.”


Nigel Wilson
UK sales director, ERSG

“It has never been more evident in the last year that your employees are your greatest asset. Look after your staff, and you will retain and surround yourself with brilliant people – people who feel supported, motivated and rewarded. That is why we are focusing on the ‘investment in our people’. As the ersg brands expand internationally, our people strategy focus is on staff retention – through training, support and reward, and culture – investing in new talent and increasing diversity.”

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