Free Brexit Workshops in your area – book your place NOW!

All UK recruiters, HR professionals and employers are invited to join a FREE ALP “Get Ready for Brexit” workshop, being held across the UK in October.

In just two hours you will receive specific, practical guidance from our expert consultants on the actions your business needs to take in respect of your existing and future EU workforce.

You will learn to: 

  • correctly advise your current EU workers on what they need to do to safeguard their right to remain in the UK, in both a ‘deal’ and a ‘no-deal’ scenario.
  • understand what action to take to remain compliant with right to work legislation, both in respect of existing workers and new applicants
  • consider what actions to take to ensure continuity of labour supply in the future

All workshops include an Expert Question and Answer session over a complimentary buffet lunch. Spaces are limited so book now.

If you are unable to join us in person, please do register for one of our webinars, also free of charge and available to book immediately. 

Click here, visit or call us on 01276 509306.


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