Institute of Job Aggregators highlights threats to online jobseeking

Recent research by the Institute of Job Aggregators has highlighted that most online jobseekers (87%) are unaware of the difference between job boards and job aggregators.

When searching for a role online, more than half (52%) are still using these job search sites to look for their next role, making it by far the most popular way to find a job.

Through their research, the IJA has identified and outlined the key threats to the future of job traffic to help build an understanding across the industry and raise awareness among jobseekers when searching for their next role.

Bot traffic: As AI and automation become more sophisticated, bot traffic will not only increase but become much harder to identify across recruitment sites. Bots can artificially inflate job views, applications or even create fake job listings, skewing metrics and making it harder for genuine jobseekers to find relevant opportunities.

AI filtering and bias: With the rise of AI-driven applicant tracking systems (ATS), there’s a concern that this may inadvertently introduce biases into the hiring process as they could disproportionately favour certain demographics or perpetuate existing inequalities.

Fake job listings: Fake job listings designed to collect personal information or perpetrate scams are expected to become more prolific and smarter These listings could appear legitimate but ultimately lead to identity theft, financial fraud, or other malicious activities.

Stolen identities: Job search platforms are expected to see a huge rise in cyber-attacks as identity thieves target them for the huge amount of personal data held on jobseekers. This data could be vulnerable to breaches or misuse, leading to identity theft, discrimination, or other privacy violations.

Skills mismatch: As job requirements evolve rapidly due to technological advancements such as AI, there’s a risk of a growing skills gap in the future between the qualifications employers seek and the skills jobseekers possess.

Addressing these concerns will require a multi-faceted approach involving advanced technological solutions, regulatory frameworks and industry leaders, businesses and bodies working together to manage these increased industry threats, the IJA has said.

The IJA launched earlier this year to support, grow and drive change in the global job search and recruitment technology industry.

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