Seize the chance for a post-pandemic renaissance, CEO tells recruiters

Treat the post-Covid-19 pandemic period as “not ‘recovery’ but a ‘renaissance’” in which businesses and individuals experience “a little rebirth”, a CEO and former Special Air Service (SAS) soldier has urged recruiters.

“I think the word is just evocative of growth,” said Floyd Woodrow, CEO of financial services specialist Quantum Group, in an online talk to Elite Leaders on 29 April 2021.

The term ‘renaissance’ generally applies to a revival of classical learning and wisdom in European civilisation during the Middle Ages that led to new ways of thinking and a focus on human ability, questioning how life should be lived and expanding the development of art and literature.

Woodrow used the term to explain what could be possible in one’s business and personal attitudes.

“Renaissance should always be in your head,” he said. “You’re driving things forward, and you’ll get to a point where all of a sudden you’re on a journey, you get to the top of the profession or you get to a point where… you’re not growing anymore. 

“Therefore, you need that little rebirth,” he continued. “What I want is that rebirth, and renaissance allows you to look at how you can improve, or your team not thinking about what we did before, it’s what are we doing now to get ahead of the competition.”

He went on to say: “There’s got to be a real renaissance, that rebirth, the ability to reform something into something that’s going to be better and look at the best things we can do.”