US candidates reveal their hobbies and interests

If advising your candidates on preparing the perfect CV, what guidance do you give them to answer questions about additional interests, hobbies or the ‘Tell us about yourself’ cliffhanger?

A US company, Get the Job, has analysed more than 3.5m CVs to find the most disproportionately common interests found on candidates’ CVs in each state across the country and then examined which keywords appeared in people’s additional interests the most across the country. 

Here are some examples: 
Alabama: Wookie
Alaska: Klingon
Arizona: Origami
California: Kardashian
Connecticut: Ford (also in Michigan)
Hawaii: Awesome
Illinois: Couponing
Indiana: Drones
Kentucky: Bowling
Louisiana: Tigers
Massachusetts: Witchcraft
Missouri: Hot dog
Montana: Wife
Nevada: Arson
New Jersey: Trump
New Mexico: Alien
New York: Arguing
Oregon: Volunteer
Virginia: Cryptography
Wisconsin: Rapping
Wyoming: Dude