Demand grows for ‘Covid chaperones’

‘Contact tracer’ is not the only job to emerge in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. Yet another role has evolved, according to the St Albans-based Berry Recruitment Group.

The ‘Covid chaperone’ is emerging from a blend of jobs such as bouncer, department store floorwalker and security guard. For instance, think of the ‘guards’ standing at the doors of your local supermarket, keeping an eye on the number of people inside the store and cautiously letting the next person in the queue go in when a shopper comes out.

The number of clients looking for such people to manage queues, gatherings and other assemblies “has rocketed”, BRG reports.

A statement from the company says: “Those with the skills are needed in a variety of sectors.”

Working from nearly 40 locations across England and Wales, BRG is redeploying many of its workers from other areas to the new chaperone roles. “Businesses, attractions and organisations looking to reopen have to insist up on social distancing,” says Lee Gamble, BRG MD. “And while people are generally happy to follow the rules, they need to be overseen. This is where the chaperones come in.”

People who work in sectors that have been hit hard, such as retail and hairdressing, “have the people skills to be effective in these roles”, Gamble says. “To be able to gently corral people through the necessary procedures and processes is a skillset that many of our clients are looking for.”

How long will this workforce be required? Gamble says: “With much of the summer season still ahead of us and the number of gatherings expected to increase, these new chaperone roles are likely to be here for some time to come.”



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