Recruitment guru highlights change in hiring practices in new environment

In the new employment environment following the Covid-19 pandemic, key talent attraction factors will change to an emphasis around health and virus protection benefits, recruitment guru Dr John Sullivan has predicted.

And overall, hiring practices must adapt and change to changing economic and social conditions, the US-based expert – generally referred to as Dr John – urges.

In his paper ‘The upcoming socially distanced workplace will shock you’ published this week, Dr John goes on to say: “The recruiting function’s capability will need to be expanded so that the organisation can effectively recruit the best talent from around the world. Fortunately, having a large global talent pool will also help to minimise talent shortages.”

Noting that hiring volumes will be reduced, Dr John has predicted that the limited hiring will be targeted on global workers working mostly in innovation, technology, quantum computing and machine-learning jobs. 

He predicts that both experienced and graduate candidates will be evaluated “100% remotely” using only phone and video interviews (see image). 

Further, key attraction factors will shift to employee virus protection, medical benefits, sick leave and job security. All new hires will be assessed on their ability to work remotely and their adaptability to a “changing VUCA [volatile, uncertain, ambiguous] environment”.

“And finally,” he says, “high unemployment rates will reduce the need for great candidate experience.”

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