Scarlett Allen-Horton: clinging on for dear life on the Apprentice?

Life is a rollercoaster, so sang the great Ronan Keating, but did this week’s rollercoaster task on The Apprentice result in recruitment’s representative looping the loop or hitting the buffers?

The good news is the recruitment industry’s representative Scarlett Allen-Horton survived to fight another day in a task that saw the candidates sent to Thorpe Park in Surrey, home to some of the UK’s most popular rollercoasters.

On arrival, the hopefuls were greeted by a three-dimensional hologram of Lord Sugar appearing in front of them, who revealed they would be creating and marketing a new rollercoaster. The candidates had to design and brand their new attraction, which overnight which was turned into a 4-D ride that they pitched to the theme park’s top talent to see whose ride they thought was best. 

Our Scarlett put herself forward once again as team leader and was voted in, despite Thomas ‘If-I-get-it-right-it’ll-be-the-best-ride-in-the-world’ Skinner vying for the job. She then made a fatal error of making Lottie the Librarian sub-project manager over Thomas, who after the decision opined: “Scarlett’s a very nice girl but she’s not that bright sometimes…”

However, with everyone on Scarlett’s team taken over with the enthusiasm of Thomas’ all-singing, all-dancing, fastest-ever, record number of loops rollercoaster idea, Lord Sugar’s henchman (sorry) aide Baroness Brady concluded: “I wouldn’t want to be sitting behind anyone on that – be covered in sick.”

And unfortunately that was the conclusion of the experts, so once again Scarlett was on the losing team and in front of the firing panel. However, it was Iasha Masood who was fired in the dreaded boardroom showdown with Lord Sugar, who decided she didn’t do much in the task (couldn’t get a word in edgeways, more like, between the bickering of Lottie ‘the overly talkative’ Librarian and Thomas ‘bosh’ Skinner).

Well done again, Scarlett. Scream if you want to go faster...!

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