Oyster Partnership video is on song to attract talent

A London-based property recruiter has hit upon an innovative way of attracting consultants to come and work for them.

The company has called on the talents of a singer, who features in a video about the advantages of working at the agency.

Sasza Bandiera, managing director at Oyster Partnership, told Recruiter the singer is Abi Carter-Simpson, a good friend of Oyster manager Robert Murray.

“We’ve been thinking long and hard about developing and producing marketing campaigns for late 2019/20 that will hopefully make Oyster stand out from the crowd. We feel we really are different here at Oyster. The staff that have joined us, whether at junior level or from other recruitment companies, all have fed back their thoughts about “the Oyster difference”. 

After talking with the agency’s management team, Bandiera reveals the agency decided to develop a marketing campaign that really emphasised “the Oyster difference”, and the idea for the video was born out of this. 

“We all sat down with Abi, put across what Oyster is all about, what it means to work here, and threw lots of ideas and stories into the mix. Abi wrote the song alongside Robert. This video, we feel, encapsulates everything about working for Oyster and is the start of ‘The Oyster difference’ marketing campaign.”

And Bandiera adds the reception so far has been “really great”. “Already applications and phone calls [have come in] from a wide range of interested individuals. The team all loved being a part of it – and more importantly old and new could resonate with it. We just hope we can get the 12+ new trainees in for our new Academy starting in October.”

You can view the video here.

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