Office cat Simba, King of Boffin Recruitment

On International Cat Day, Recruiter would like to introduce readers to office cat Simba, the ‘chief foot warmer’ at recruitment agency Boffin Recruitment & The Boffin Network.

The agency’s founder Victoria David told Recruiter Simba is a rescue cat, who was found abandoned as a kitten in a cardboard box next to a dustbin 16 years ago.

David says Simba’s strengths include making tea and speccing out CVs, while his weaknesses include falling asleep on the job – and, according to his online profile, he’s also afraid of birds!

“Sim, as we call him, is kind natured and loved by all who meet him,” David told Recruiter. “He is the perfect companion on a crappy work day – always full of good advice and has a wealth of recruitment experience under his collar. 

“We are very proud to have him as the Boffin team mascot!”

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