Recruiters receive 3.6% pay rise on average

Recruiters benefited from an average pay rise of 3.6% in the last financial year, according to new findings from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC).

The REC’s Attract and retain top talent – Pay and benefits in the recruitment sector report, published today in partnership with Croner, has found 40% of consultants and 53% of managers received a pay rise in the past year, including one in seven, who received a pay rise of 10% or more.

The survey of over 300 recruiters found that the top three considerations for recruiters when thinking about a new job are pay, followed by flexible working opportunities and a commitment to invest in their personal development, all of which were favoured over a generic ‘benefits package’.

Although the report also found that the mean gender pay gap identified in the REC’s previous survey still persists. Male consultants earn on average 9% more than women and male managers earn 6% more than their female counterparts. The pay gaps increase to 14% and 10% respectively when bonus and commission are included.