Recruitment: a job that can get under your skin

Recruiters can be very passionate about their job, as evidenced by the number of you getting indelibly inked all about your personage.

In 2016, we brought you a story about a consultant at the Lawrence Harvey Group tattooing LHTID’, which stands for stands for ‘Lawrence Harvey til I die’, on her hip. Then last year we reported on Stuart Alexander, an operations manager at an Edinburgh-based agency Be-IT Resourcing, who tattooed his company logo on his foot.

And today, as yet another sign of their commitment to the cause, we bring you a senior candidate researcher at Harris Lord Recruitment in Horsham, who has a tattoo bearing the word ‘CVs’ on her right arm.

Speaking to Recruiter this morning, the researcher in question Jolie Trahar said she has quite a few tattoos and they generally all mean something to her.

“I guess in a really sad way it’s probably one of the most important things in my life and how I earn my living. Most of my colleagues thought it was a joke – so it’s bantz as well.” [No idea either – Ed.]

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