Storm Eleanor? Recruiters don't let a storm get in the way of business

Recruitment agencies in the areas hardest hit by Storm Eleanor are made of “stronger stuff”.

In the wake of gusts of 100mph causing thousands of homes to be left without power and travel disruption to this morning’s commute, Recruiter spoke to a few agencies to find out how they are faring.

The BBC reports the Met Office recorded gusts reaching 100mph (161km/h) overnight, with a yellow warning still in place for Wales, England, most of Northern Ireland and parts of southern Scotland. A man was injured after a tree fell on a car in the Vale of Glamorgan in Wales, and around 3,000 homes in Northern Ireland were left without power, with a similar number of homes affected in England and Wales with delays caused on public transport.

But recruiters have largely weathered the storm.

A spokesperson for Northern Ireland-based recruiter Apple Recruitment told Recruiter: “It was pretty fierce last night but there doesn’t seem to have been much disruption. 

“There’s a lot of heavy rain but Northern Ireland people are made of stronger stuff.

“I use public transport, as do most of us in the office, and everyone that’s supposed to be here is here. There’s a gentleman that travels in from the country and he drove and he hasn’t had any problems at all.”

Paul McQue, managing director at fellow Northern Ireland-based MPA Recruitment, told Recruiter: “We’re not afraid of this type of thing. It doesn’t stop the wheels turning here…

“There’s not much holding people back here because of the heavy agricultural bias in this country in that you have a hell of a smaller population… people have found ways of getting around and certainly up here with us being on the border with Donegal – a sparsely populated area where if there is an element of flooding or bad amount of snow everyone just mucks in, and that’s the beauty of Northern Ireland. Everyone just mucks in and keeps industry moving.”

Meanwhile a spokesperson for Vale of Glamorgan-based Pier Consulting told Recruiter: “We hadn’t had anyone affected. There’s been a bit of damage locally but nothing that affected the roads or our workers.”

A spokesperson for Cambridge-based Ann Pettengell Recruitment told Recruiter they had not had anyone call in to say they could not make assignments.

“It’s not that bad to be honest over here. It’s windy… some of the roads had trees down. I have a good 40 minute journey in and that was absolutely fine. 

“I think it’s helped that schools aren’t back yet but nobody’s called in at all. We’re at full capacity today. It’s not raining. It’s just high winds.”

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