Recruitment consultant jailed for dangerous driving

A recruitment consultant quit his job ahead of a court appearance at which he was jailed for dangerous driving and intending to pervert the course of justice.

Over the weekend, the Telegraph & Argus reported Abdurrahim [Rahim] Mahmood pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and intending to pervert the course of justice, with Bradford Crown Court hearing he had been caught by his own dashcam.

The prosecution told the court in the early hours of 26 March, police had seen Mahmood driving a silver BMW in Bradford with his girlfriend and her nephew also in the car.

After he failed to stop he was pursed for five minutes with Mahmood seen weaving in and out of traffic and failing to stop at red lights. The prosecution added police were doing 98mph when Mahmood was still pulling away.

Mahmood dumped the car and fled the scene after he managed to evade officers but the vehicle was seized minutes later.

Mahmood then called police to say his car had been stolen and had no knowledge of how this had happened. He subsequently went to a local police station to confirm this false account of events.

But unfortunately for Mahmood, police had managed to retrieve his dashcam when picking up his car, which showed the defendant and his passengers in the vehicle.

Mahmood’s defence described him as usually a careful and competent driver, adding that after his initial claim the car had been stolen, he requested a voluntary interview with officers in which he admitted all offences.

Mahmood told the court he was currently working in recruitment, specialising in the aerospace industry, and that an immediate jail sentence would destroy his career.

In a statement sent to Recruiter, Mahmood’s recent employer – Huddersfield-based E3 Recruitment – said: “Rahim Mahmood was employed by E3 Recruitment on a probationary basis from June to September this year. The offence took place before he began employment with E3 Recruitment and the agency was unaware of any charges brought against him. Rahim resigned before the court case and the news story is the first time E3 Recruitment became aware of his conviction.”

Mahmood was given a 13-month jail term and a ban from driving for two years upon his release.

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