Recruitment consultant jailed for assault in Singapore

A British recruitment consultant has been jailed for an attack on a cab driver in Singapore.

The Strait Times reports the consultant, James Radcliffe, was jailed for two weeks for punching taxi hailing app GrabCar driver Ang Wee Teck in the face twice, resulting in a 3cm-long cut over his left eyebrow. The incident took place along the North Canal Road on 4 March 2017.

The prosecution said the cab driver had dropped off a passenger along North Canal Road at 12am when he drove past Radcliffe.

The court heard Radcliffe kicked his car, causing a slight dent on the left side of the car. Ang stopped his car when he heard the loud thud. When he saw the dent, Ang asked Radcliffe, who he said appeared to be drunk, why he had kicked his car.

The prosecution told the court Radcliffe hurled vulgarities at Ang, and punched him on the side of his left face, resulting in the victim’s spectacles to fly off his head.

Radcliffe then walked away while Ang was searching for his glasses. When Ang realised he was bleeding, he returned to his car and called the police.

While he was on the phone outside his car, Radcliffe came back and punched Ang again on the face, once again causing the victim’s glasses to fly off his face.

Although Radcliffe left the scene while Ang was searching for his glasses, he was spotted by police officers.

Ang identified Radcliffe and later sought medical treatment at Changi General Hospital. His wound over his left eyebrow was covered with medical strips and he was discharged with painkillers.

Ang was also given medical leave until 7 March. Radcliffe admitted to having drunk alcohol before the incident.

In mitigation, Radcliffe’s defence said Radcliffe had demonstrated remorse and repentance, and had learnt his lesson and asked for a short detention order. The defence added Radcliffe had apologised and paid S$6,695 (£3,681) compensation to the victim who has forgiven him.

Ang added he does not hold any grievances against Radcliffe and had no objections to the latter being given only a warning.

Under Singaporean law Radcliffe could have been jailed for up to two years and/or fined up to S$5k for the assault.

It is unclear which recruitment agency Radcliffe worked for.

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